Biographies of Famous Artists

Sophie Anderson

Sophie Gengembre Anderson was born in Paris, the daughter of a Parisian architect and an English mother. She studied portrait painting in her early years under Baron von Steuben in Paris.

At the outbreak of the 1848 Revolution, she moved with her family to America, settling in Cincinnati where she pursued portrait painting. She married the British artist, Walter Anderson, and returned to England in 1854. She exhibited at the Royal Academy during 1855.

Anderson's technique was excellent and she was quite adept at depicting fabrics and drapery with outstanding light effects. Among her works were illustrations of 'Historical Collections of the Great West' by Henry Howe in 1852.

In 1860 the couple visited Pennsylvania and exhibited at the National Academy. While working for Louis Prang & Co. she produced the popular 'Prattling Primrose' and 'Dotty Dimple' paintings

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