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August Macke List of Oil Paintings

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Before the Hat Shop
Coloured Forms II (1913)
farewell 1914
Farewell Abschied 1914
Farmboy from Tegernsee (Tegernseer Bauernjunge)
Girls Under Trees (1914)
Indians on Horseback
Lady in a Green Jacket 1913
Lady in a Green Jacket 1913
Lady in a Green Jacket Dame in Greuner Jacke 1913
Man reading in the Park 1914
Man Reading in the Park Lesender Mann Im Park 1914
Nude with Coral Necklace (Akt mit Korallenkette) 1910
Our Street in Gray (Unsere Strasse in Grau), 1911
Portrait of Bernhard Koehler (Bildnis Bernhard Koehler) 1910
Portrait of Franz Marc (Bildnis Franz Marc) 1910
Portrait of the Artists wife Elisabeth with a Hat (Frau des Kunstlers mit Hut) 1909
Portrait with Apples Wife of the Artist (Portrat mit Apfeln Frau des Kunstlers) 1909
Self-Portrait (Selbstbildnis), 1906
Self-Portrait with Hat(Selbstportrat mit Hut) 1909
Sitting Nude (1911)
St Marys in the Snow (Mariekirsche im Schnee) 1911
Tegernsee Landscape (1910)
The Mackes Garden at Bonn (Der Mackesche Garten in bonn) 1911
The Storm (1911)
The Storm (Der Sturm) 1911
Turkish Cafe I (1914)
Vegetable Fields (1911)
Woman in a Park 1914

Biography of August Macke

August Macke was born in Meschede, Germany, and during his childhood he spent time in Basle where he came into contact with the work of Böcklin. Trained in Germany, August Macke made several trips to Paris, where he came in contact with impressionism and the fauvist and cubist painters. A brilliant colorist, he joined the artists Franz Marc and Kandinsky and exhibited with the Blaue Reiter group. His early Impressionist style developed into a use of strong, sunlit color applied in painterly facets of light.

His preferred subject matter remained urban scenes of shopping and leisure. His North African work had a more structured appearance, and in 1913 he experimented with pure abstraction and also produced many watercolors. In 1914 he traveled with Paul Klee to South Africa. There he created watercolors of a fine transparency with subtle prismatic patterns. Macke had barely finished Farewell when he was conscripted. He was killed in World War I.

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