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Camille Pissarro List of Hand Painted Oil Painting Reproductions

Click on any painting title to view a detailed image

A Cottage in the Snow
A Cowherd At Pontoise 1874
A Cowherd on the Route de Chou Pontoise 1874
A Creek in Saint Thomas Antilles 1856
A Fair at lHermitage near Pontoise 1878
A Fair At The Hermitage Near Pontoise 1878
A Field in Varengeville 1899
A Meadow in Eragny 1889
A Meadow in Moret 1901
A Path Across the Fields 1879
A Path in the Woods Pontoise 1879
A Peasant in the Lane at l Hermitage Pontoise 1876
A Road in Louveciennes 1870
A Road in Louveciennes 1872
A Servant Seated in the Garden at Eragny 1884
A Square in La Roche-Guyon 1867
A Street in l Hermitage Pontoise 1874
A Street in Pontoise 1879
A Street n Auvers (aka Thatched Cottages and a Cow) 1880
A Village through the Trees 1868
After the Rain Autumn Eragnyu 1901
Afternoon Sun Rouen 1896
Afternoon Sun the Inner Hafbor Dieppe 1902
Afternoon the Dunquesne Basin Dieppe Low Tide 1902
All Saints Church Upper Norwood 1871
An Apple Tree at Eragny 1887
Antilian Landscape St Thomas 1856
Apple Blossoms Eragny 1900
Apple Pickers Eragny 1888
Apple Picking 1886
Apple Picking 1886
Apple Tree at Eragny 1884
Apple Trees at Pontoise (aka The Home of Pere Gallien) 1868
Apple Trees in a Field 1892
Apple Trees Sunset Eragny 1896
Apples Trees at Pontoise 1872
Autumn (aka Path in the Woods) 1876
Autumn Landscape near Pontoise 1871-1872
Autumn Montfoucault Pond 1875
Autunm in Eragny 1899
Avenue de l Opera 1898
Avenue de l Opera Morning Sunshine 1898
Avenue de l Opera Place du Thretre Francais Misty Weather 1898
Avenue de l Opera Rain Effect 1898
Avenue de l Opera Snow Effect 1898
Avenue de l Opera Snow Effect 1899
Banks of a River with Barge 1864
Banks of the Oise 1872
Banks of the Oise in Pontoise 1870
Barges at Le Roche Goyon 1865
Barges at Le Roche Guyon 1865
Bather in the Woods 1895
Bathers 1895
Bathers 1896
Bathers Seated on the Banks of a River 1901
Bathing Goose Maidens
Berneval Meadows Morning 1900
Big Walnut Tree at Eragny 1892
Boats at Dock
Boats Sunset Rouen 1898
Bords De La Marne 1864
Bords De La Marne En Hiver 1866
Boulevard de Clichy Winter Sunlight Effect 1880
Boulevard des Batignolles 1878-1879
Boulevard des Italien Afternoon 1897
Boulevard des Italiens Morning Sunlight 1897
Boulevard Montmartre Afternoon in the Rain 1897
Boulevard Montmartre Afternoon Sunlight 1897
Boulevard Montmartre Foggy Morning 1897
Boulevard Montmartre Mardi-Gras 1897
Boulevard Montmartre Morning Grey Weather 1897
Boulevard Montmartre Morning Sunlight and Mist 1897
Boulevard Montmartre Night Effect 1897
Boulevard Montmartre On A Sunny Afternoon 1897
Boulevard Montmartre Spring 1897
Boulevard Montmartre Spring Rain 1897
Boulevard Montmartre Spring2 1897
Boulevard Montmartre Sunset 1897
Boulevard Montmartre Winter Morning 1897
Bouquet of Flowers Chrysanthemums in a China Vase 1873
Bourgeois House in l Hermitage Pontoise 1873
Breakfast Young Peasant Woman Taking Her Coffee 1881
Brickworks at Eragny 1888
By the Oise at Pontoise 1867
By the Water 1881
Chaponval Landscape 1880
Charing Cross Bridge London 1890
Chennevieres Au Bord De La Marne 1864-65
Chestnut Orchard in Winter 1872
Chestnut Trees At Louveciennes 1872
Chestnut Trees at Osny 1873
Chestnut Trees Louveciennes Spring 1870
Children in a Garden at Eragny 1897
Church at Kew 1892
Cliffs at Petit Dalles 1883
Corner of the Garden in Eragny 1897
Cottage at Pontoise in the Snow 1879
Cottage At Pontoise In The Snow 1879
Cottages at Auvers near Pontoise 1879
Cours du Havre Gare Saint-Lazare 1893
Cowgirl Eragny 1887
Cowherd 1883
Cowherd at Eragny 1884
Cowherd Pontoise 1880
Cowherd Pontoise 1882
Cowherds Bazincourt 1890
Crossroads at lHermitage Pontoise 1876
Dieppe Dunquesne Basin Low Tide Sun Morning 1902
Dulwich College London 1871
Enclosed Field at Eragny 1896
Entrance to a Village 1863
Eragny 1890
Eragny Landscape 1886
Eragny Landscape 1890
Eragny Landscape Le Pre 1897
Eragny Sunset 1890
Eragny Twilight 1890
Factory at Pontoise 1873
Factory at Pontoise2 1873
Family Garden
Farm at Basincourt 1884
Farm at Montfoucault 1874
Farm at Montfoucault2 1874
Farmyard 1863
Farmyard in Pontoise 1874
Feast Day in Knokke 1891
February Sunrise Bazincourt 1893
Field of Oats in Eragny 1885
Field of Rye 1888
Flock of Sheep 1888
Flock of Sheep in a Field after the Harvest 1889
Flood in Pontoise 1882
Flood Morning Effect Eragny 1892
Flowering Apple Trees at Eragny 1888
Flowering Apple Trees Eragny 1895
Flowering Plum Trees 1890
Fog Morning Rouen 1896
Foggy Morning Rouen 1896
Frost View fom Bazincourt 1891
Garden at Eragny 1899
Garden at Eragny (study) 1899-1900
Garden of Les Mathurins 1876
Garden of the Louvre Fog Effect 1899
Garden of the Louvre Morning Grey Weather 1899
Garden of the Louvre Morning Grey Weather2 1899
Garden of the Louvre Snow Effect 1899
Gardens Of Tuileries (Jardin Des Tuileries) 1900
Girl Tending a Cow in a Pasture 1874
Gizors New Section 1885
Gleaners 1887-1889
Goose Girl 1890
Goose Girl Reclining
Grey Day Banks of the Oise 1878
Grey Weather Morning with Figures Egagny 1899
Groves of Chestnut Trees at Louveciennes 1872
Half-Length Portrait of Lucien Pissarro 1875
Hampton Court Green 1890
Hampton Court Green London 1891
Harvest 1883
Harvest at Eragny 1901
Harvest At Montgoucault 1876
Harvest in the Orchard Eragny 1899
Harvesting Potatos 1884-1885
Haymakers at Eragny 1889
Haymakers at Rest 1891
Haymaking 1895
Haymaking at Eragny 1891
Haymaking in Eragny 1901
Haystack Eragny 1885
Haystack Pontoise 1873
Hoarfrost 1873
Hoarfrost 1890
Hoarfrost 1873
hoarfrost Morning (aka Snow Effect in Eragny) 1894
Homes near the Osny 1872
Horseman in the Forest
House on a Cliff 1883
Houses at Knocke Belgium 1894
Houses of l Hermitage Pontoise 1879
Hyde Park London 1890
Ile Lacruix Rouen Effect of Fog 1888
In the Woods 1859
In the Woods 1864
Jalais Hill
Jallais Hill Pontoise 1867
Jeanne Cousant 1900
Jeanne in the Garden Pontoise 1872
Jeanne Reading 1899
Jubilie Celebration at Bedford Park London 1897
June Morning View over the Hills over Pontoise 1873
Kensington Gardens 1890
Kensington Gardens London 1890
Kew Gardens 1892
Kew Gardens Crossroads near the Pond 1892
Kew Gardens Path bwtween the Pond and the Palm House 1892
Kew Gardens the LIttle Greenhouse 1892
Kew Gardens2 1892
Kitchen Garden at the Hermitage Pontoise 1874
Kitchen Garden in Eragny Afternoon 1901
Kitchen Garden witih Trees in Flower Spring Pontoise 1877
Kitchen Gardens at l Hermitage Pontoise 1873
Kitchen Gardens Pontoise 1881
La Carrier a l Hermitage Pontoise 1878
La Cote de Chou a Pontoise 1882
La Cote Des Boeufs At The Hermitage Near Pontoise 1877
La Cote du Jallais Pontoise 1875
La Foret 1870
La Marchande de Marrons Fiore de la St Martin Pontoise 1881
La Riviere aux Saules Eragny 1888
La Ronde 1884
La Ronde 1892
La Ronde 1892
La roulette des Bohemiens 1862
La Route 1870
La Route De Versailles A Louveciennes (Effet De Neige) 1869
La Route De Versailles A Louveciennes 1870
La Saint--Martin a Pontoise 1884-1885
La sente des pouillsux Pontoise effet de niege 1874
La Sentier de Basincourt 1884
La Valhermeil near Pontoise 1880
La Varenne-Saint-Hilaire View from Champigny 1863
Lacroix Island Rouen In Fog
Landscape 1890
Landscape at Bazincourt
Landscape At Chaponval 1880
Landscape at Eragny
Landscape at Eragny 1890
Landscape at Eragny Clear Weather 1890
Landscape at l Hermitage Pontoise 1874
Landscape at Le Varenne-Saint-Hilaire 1865
Landscape at Louveciennes 1869
Landscape at Osny 1882-1883
Landscape at Osny 1883
Landscape at Pontoise 1873
Landscape at Pontoise 1882
Landscape at Valhermeil 1878
Landscape at Varengeville 1899
Landscape Bright Sunlight Pontoise 1874
Landscape Fields Eragny 1885
Landscape Frost and Fog Eragny 1892
Landscape near Louveciennes 1870
Landscape near Louveciennes2 1870
Landscape near Pontoise 1880
Landscape near Pontoise the Auvers Road 1881
Landscape of the Oise 1876
Landscape under Snow Upper Norwood 1871
Landscape Varenne-Saint-Hilaire 1864-1865
Landscape with a Man Digging 1877
Landscape with a White Horse in a Meadow L Hermitage 1872
Landscape with Figures by a River 1853-1854
Landscape with Flooded Fields 1873
Landscape with Rocks Montfoucault 1874
Landscape with Small Stream 1872
Landscape with Strollers Relaxing under the Trees 1872
Laundresses at Eragny 1901
Laundresses on the Banks of the Oise at Pontoise 1880-1881
Laundry and Mill at Osny 1884
Le Chou a Pontoise (aka La Moussiere) 1882
Le Fond de St Antoine Pontoise 1876
Le Grenouillere at Bougival 1869
Le Parc aux Charrettes Pontoise 1878
Le Pont-Neuf 1901
Le Quai du Pothuis a Pontoise 1876
Le Recolte des Foins a Eragny 1887
Les mathurins Pontoise 1877
Lhermitage 1868
Lhermitage 1868
Lhermitage A Pontoise 1867
LHermitage at Pontoise 1867
LHermitage Pontoise Snow Effect 1874
Little Goose Girl 1886
London St Pauls Cathedral 1890
Lordship Lane Station Dulwich 1871
Louveciennes 1871
Louveciennes 1872
Louveciennes Road Snow Effect 1872
Louveciennes the Road to Versailles 1870
Louviciennes 1870
Lovers Seated at the Foot of a Willow Tree 1901
Lower Norwood under Snow 1871
Lucien Possarro in an Interior 1875
Making Hay 1895
Male and Female Peasants on a Path Crossing the Countryside 1863-1865
March Sun Pontoise 1875
Mardi-Gras on the Boulevards 1897
Mardi-Gras Sunset Boulevard Montmartre 1897
Market at Gisors Rue Cappeville 1904-1905
Market at Pontoise 1895
Marketplace Gisors 1891
Meadow at Bazincourt 1885
Meadow at Bazincourt 1886
Meadow at Bazincourt 1895
Meadow at Eragny 1894
Meadows at Eragny 1886
Mere Larcheveque (The Washerwoman) 1880
Milking Cows
Misty Morning at Creil 1873
Morning after the Rain Rouen 1896
Morning Autumn Efagny 1892
Morning Autumn Sunlight Eragny 1900
Morning Flowering Apple Trees Eragny 1898
Morning Overcast Day Rouen 1896
Morning Overcast Weather Rouen 1896
Morning Rouen the Quays 1896
Morning Spring Grey Weather Eragny 1900
Morning Sun Effect Eragny 1899
Morning Sunshine Effect Winter 1895
Mother Jolly 1874
Mother Luciens Field at Eragny 1898
Mother Luciens Yard 1895
Mother Presle Montfoucault 1874
Near Eragny 1887
Near Pointoise 1878
Near Sydenham Hill Looking towards Lower Norwood 1871
Old Houses at Eragny 1884
Old Houses at Eragny 1885
Old Woman with Ducks at Montfoucault 1875
On Orchard in Pontoise in Winter 1877
Orchard in Blossom Louveciennes 1872
Orchard In Blossom Louveciennes 1872
Outskirts of Louveciennes 1871
Pastoral 1890
Path of l Hermitage at Pontoise 1872
Path under the Trees Summer 1877
Pathway at Chou Pontoise 1878
Paysage a Osny pres de l abreuvoir 1883
Pear Tress in Bloom Eragny Morning 1886
Peasant Crossing a Stream 1894
Peasant Gathering Grass 1881
Peasant Planting Pea Sticks 1891
Peasant Pushing a Wheelbarrow Maison Rondest Pontoise 1874
Peasant Sitting with Infant 1881
Peasant Trimming the Lawn 1882
Peasant with a Pitchfork 1901
Peasant Woman 1890-1891
Peasant Woman and Child Eragny 1893
Peasant Woman and Child Harvesting the Fields Pontoise 1882
Peasant Woman and Her Daughter Eragny 1903
Peasant Woman Carding Wool 1875
Peasant Woman Carrying a Basket 1888
Peasant Woman in a Cabbage Patch 1884-1885
Peasant Woman on a Country Road
Peasant Woman Standing next to a Tree 1885
Peasant Woman with a Goat 1881
Peasant Working in the Fields
Peasants and Hay Stacks 1878
Peasants Carrying Straw Montfoucault 1875
Peasants Chatting in the Farmyard Eragny 1895-1902
Peasants Gathering Grass 1883
Peasants Harvesting Potatoes 1882
Peasants Planting Pea Sticks 1890
Peasants Planting Pea Sticks 1891
Peasants Resting 1881
Pere Melon Cutting Wood 1880
Pere Melon Lighting His Pipe 1879-1880
Pere Melon Resting 1879
Pere Melon Sawing Wood 1879
Picking Apples 1888
Picking Peas 1880
Picking Peas 1887
Picking Peas 1893
Piettes Home on Montfoucault 1874
Pink Peonies 1873
Place du Carrousel the Tuileries Gardens 1900
Place du Havre Paris 1893
Place du Havre Paris Rain 1897
Place du Theatre Francais 1898
Place du Theatre Francais Afternoon Sun in Winter 1898
Place du Theatre Francais Foggy Weather 1898
Place du Theatre Francais Rain Effect 1898
Place du Theatre Francais Spring 1898
Place Du Theatre Franqais 1898
Place du Thretre Francais 1898
Place Saint-Lazare 1893
Pont at Montfoucault 1874
Pont Boieldien In Rouen In A Drizzle 1896
Pont Neuf 1902
Pont-Neuf Fog 1902
Pontoise Dam 1872
Pontoise Landscape Through the Fields 1879
Pontoise Les Mathurins 1873
Ponty-Neuf the Statue of Henri IV Sunny Weather Morning 1900
Poplars Afternoon in Eragny 1899
Port of Rouen Unloading Wood 1898
Portal of the Church Saint-Jacques Dieppe 1901
Portrait of Felix Pissarro 1881
Portrait of Jeanne
Portrait of Jeanne 1872
Portrait of Jeanne 1898
Portrait of Jeanne in a Pink Robe 1897
Portrait of Jeanne the Artists Daughter
Portrait of Jeanne with a Fan 1873
Portrait of Jeanne-Rachel (Minette) 1872
Portrait of Madame F Estruc 1874
Portrait of Madame Pissarro 1883
Portrait of Madame Pissarro Sewing near a Window 1878-1879
Portrait of Nini 1884
Portrait of Paul Cezanne 1874
Portrait of Paulemile 1894
Portrait of Paulemile 1899
Portrait of Pere Paleille Pontoise 1890-1895
Portrait of Pere Papeille Pontoise 1874
Portrait of Rodo Pissarro Reading 1899-1900
Portrait of Rodo Reading 1893
Portrait of the Artists Son Ludovic-Rololphe 1885-1888
Portrait of the Artists Son Ludovic-Rudolphe 1888
Potato Harvest 1885
Potato Harvest 1893
Potato Market Boulevard des Fosses Pontoise 1882
Poultry Market at Gisors 1889
Poultry Market At Pontoise 1882
Poultry Market Pontoise 1892
Primrose HillRegents Park 1892
Pumpkin Merchant 1883
Quai Malaquais - Morning Sun 1903
Quai Malaquais in the Afternoon Sunshine 1903
Quai Malaquais Morning Sunny Weather 1903
Quay in Rouen Sunset 1896
Quay Of Malaquais In The Sunny Afternoon (Quai Malaquais Apres Midi Soleil) 1903
Railroad to Dieppe 1886
Rainbow Pontoise 1877
Red Roofs Corner of a Village Winter (aka Cote de Saint-Denis at Pontoise) 1877
Resting in the Woods at Pontoise 1878
Resting Peasant Girl Lying on the Grass Pontoise 1882
Riverbanks in Pontoise 1872
Road at Eragny Winter 1885
Road in Louveciennes 1870
Road in Port-Maryl 1872
Road to Louveciennes 1870
Road to Racquencourt 1871
Road to Saint-Germain Louveciennes 1871
Roses in a Glass 1877
Roses of Nice 1902
Rouen Fog Effect 1898
Rouen Saint-Sever Afternoon 1898
Rouen Saint-Sever Morning 1898
Route de Berneval0le-Petit (aka Maison Thievain) 1900
Route du Fond de lHermitage Pontoise 1877
Rue de la Citadelle Pontoise 1873
Rue de lEppicerie Rouen Morning Grey Weather 1898
Rue de lHermitage Pontoise 1874
Rue Saint Honore Sun Effect Afternoon 1898
Rue Saint-Honore Afternoon Rain Effect 1897
Rue Saint-Honore Morning Sun Effect Place du Theatre Francais 1898
Rue Saint-Lazar under Snow 1897
Rue Saint-Lazare 1893
Rue Saint-Lazare 1897
Rye Fields At Pontoise Cqte Des Mathurins
Saint-Martin near Gisors 1885
Saint-Sever Rouen Morning Five OClock 1898
Seated and Kneeling Peasants 1893
Seated Peasant 1892
Seated Peasant Woman 1880
Seated Peasant Woman 1883
Seated Peasant Woman Crunching an Apple 1886
Seated Peasants Sewing 1881
Seated Peasants Watching Cows 1886
Seated Shepherdess 1892
Self Portrait 1873
Self Portrait 1900
Self Portrait 1903
Self Portrait 1873
Self Portrait 2 1873
September Celebration Pontoise 1872
Setting Sun and Fog Eragny 1891
Setting Sun at Moret 1901
Sever Bridge
Shepherd and Sheep 1888
Shepherd in a Downpour 1889
Shepherdess and Sheep 1887
Shepherdess Bringing in the Sheep 1886
Shepherdesses 1887
Shoemakers 1878
Snow at Montfoucault 1874
Snow at the Hermitage Pontoise 1874
Snow Effect in Montfoucault 1882
Spring at Eragny 1900
Spring at Pontoise 1872
Spring In Louveciennes 1870
Springtime at Eragny (study) 1890
Springtime in Louveciennes 1869
Square du Vert-Galant Sunny Morning 1902
Steamboats 1883
Steamboats in the Port of Rouen 1896
Still Life 1867
Still Life 1867
Still Life Apples and Pears in a Round Basket 1872
Still Life with a Coffee Pot 1900
Still Life With A Coffee Pot (Nature Morte La Cafetiere) 1900
Still Life with Apples and Pitcher 1872
Still Life with Spanish Peppers 1899
Street in the Snow Louveciennes 1872
Street Snow Effect 1872
Street Winter Sunlight and Snow 1872
Strong Winds Pontoise 1877
Study for All Saints Church Upper Norwood 1871
Study for Cowherd at Eragny 1884
Study for La Batterie a Montfoucault 1874-1875
Study for The Banks of Marne in Winter 1866
Study of a Peasant in Open Air (aka Peasant Digging) 1882
Study of Apple Trees at Eragny 1892-1893
Sunlight Afternoon La Rue de lEpicerie Rouen 1898
Sunlight on the Road Pontoise 1874
Sunrise on the Sea 1883
Sunrise over the Fields Eragny 1891
Sunrise Rouen 1898
Sunset 1872
Sunset at Eragny 1891
Sunset at Eragny 1894
Sunset at Eragny 1902
Sunset at Valhermeil near Pontoise 1880
Sunset Bazincourt Steeple 1890
Sunset Rouen 1898
Sunset the Port of Rouen (aka Steamboats) 1898
Sunset with Fog Eragny 1891
Sunset with Mist Eragny 1890
Thatched Cottages at Valhermeille 1880
Thaw Pontoise 1872
The Avenue Sydenham 1871
The Backwoods of lHermitage Pontoise 1879
The Banks of the Epte at Eragny 1884
The Banks of the Marne 1864
The Banks of the Marne at Chennevieres 1864-1865
The Banks of the Marne in Winter 1866
The Banks of the Oise Pontoise (aka Man Fishing) 1878
The Banks of the Seine at Bougival 1871
The Banks of the Seine in Paris Pont Marie Quai dAnjou 1875
The Barn Morning Eragny 1893
The Bassin des Tuileries 1900
The Bassin des Tuileries Afternoon Sun 1900
The Baths of Samaritaine Afternoon 1902
The Bazincourt Steeple (study) 1895
The Boieldieu Bridge Rouen Fog 1896
The Boieldieu Bridge Rouen Rain Effect 1896
The Boieldieu Bridge Rouen Sunset 1896
The Boieldieu Bridge Rouen Sunset Misty Weather 1896
The Boieldiieu Bridge At Rouen Setting Sun Foggy Weather 1896
The Boieldiu Bridge rouen Damp Weather 1896
The Boulevard Montmartre At Night 1897
The Boulevard Montmartre On A Cloudy Morning 1897
The Boulevard Montmartre On A Winter Morning 1897
The Brook at Osny 1883
The Cabbage Field Pontoise 1873
The Carrousel Afternoon Sun 1899
The Carrousel Autumn Morning 1899
The Carrousel Grey Weather 1899
The Chat 1892
The Chou Quarries Pontoise 1882
The Chrystal Palace London 1871
The Church of Saint-Jacques Dieppe 1901
The Church of Saint-Jacques Dieppe Morning Sun 1901
The Church Of St Jacques At Dieppe 1901
The Clearing 1876
The Climbing Path lHermitage 1877
The Coast at Vaches-Bazincourt Snow Effect 1890
The Corneille Bridge Rouen Grey Weather 1896
The Corneille Bridge Rouen Morning Effect 1896
The Corneille Bridge Rouen Morning Mist 1896
The Cote des Boeurs at lHermitage near Pontoise 1877
The Countryside in the Vicinity of Conflans Saint-Honorine 1874
The Cours-la-Reine at Rouen Morning Sunlight 1898
The Cowherd 1875
The Cowherd (aka Young Peasant) 1892
The Crossroads Pontoise (aka Place du Vieus Cimitiere) 1872
The Docks rouen Afternoon 1898
The Donkey Ride at Le Roche Guyon 1864-1865
The Dunes at Knocke Belgium 1894
The Dunes at Knocke Belgium 1902
The Effect of Snow at lHermitage 1874
The Effect of Snow at lHermitage Pontoise 1875
The Effect of Snow at Montfoucault 1891
The Effect of Snow Sunset Eragny 1895
The Egg Market 1894
The Entrance to the Village of Voisins 1872
The Fair At Dieppe Sunny Morning (La Foire A Dieppe Matin Soleil) 1901
The Fair by the Church of Saint-Jacques Dieppe 1901
The Fair Dieppe Sunny Afternoon 1901
The Fair in Dieppe Sunny Morning 1901
The Farm Osny 1884
The Fields of Eragny the Apple Tree 1894
The Fishmarket Dieppe 1902
The Fishmarket Dieppe Grey Weather Morning 1902
The Fishmarket Dieppe2 1902
The Forest 1870
The Garden at Eragny 1895
The Garden at Pontoise 1877
The Garden in Spring Eragny 1894
The Garden of the Hotel Berneval 1900
The Gardener Afternoon Sun Eragny 1899
The Gardens of lHermitage Pontoise 1867
The Goose Girl at Montfoucault White Frost 1875
The Great Bridge Rouen 1896
The Harvest 1857
The Harvest 1882
The Harvest 1890
The Harvest at Montfoucault 1876
The Harvest at Montfoucault 1876
The Hay Wagon Montfoucault 1879
The Hermitage at Pontoise 1874
The Hermitage At Pontoise 1874
The House in the Fields Rueil 1872
The House in the Forest 1872
The House of Pere Gallien Pontoise 1866
The Inner Harbor Dieppe 1902
The Inner Harbor Dieppe Afternoon Sun Low Tide 1902
The Inner Harbor Dpeppe High Tide Morning Grey Weather 1902
The Inner Harbor Le Havre 1903
The Inner Harbor Le Havre - Morning Sun Rising Tide 1903
The Inner Port and Pilots Jetty Le Havre 1903
The Jallais Hills Pontoise 1867
The Jetty Le Havre - High Tide Morning Sun 1903
The Knocke Windmill Belgium 1894-1902
The Large Walnut Tree at l Hermitage 1875
The Laundry Woman 1898
The Little Bridge Pontoise 1875
The Little Country Maid 1882
The Lock at Pontoise 1869
The Louvre 1901
The Louvre 1902
The Louvre - March Mist 1903
The Louvre - Morning 1903
The Louvre - Morning Snow Effect 1903
The Louvre Afternoon 1902
The Louvre Afternoon Rainy Weather 1900
The Louvre and the Seine from the Pont-Neuf 1902
The Louvre Gray Weather Afternoon 1902
The Louvre Morning Sun 1901
The Louvre Morning Sun Quai Malaquais 1903
The Louvre Winter Sunshine Morning 1900
The Louvre2 1901
The Maidservant 1867
The Market 1883
The Market at Gisors 1899
The Market by the Church of Saint-Jacques Dieppe 1901
The Market in Gisors 1887
The Mill at La Roche Goyon
The Moret Bridge 1888
The Oise at Pontoise in Bad Weather 1876
The Oise on the Outskirts of Pontoise 1873
The Old Market and the Rue de l Epicerie in Rouen
The Old Market Place In Rouen And The Rue De Lepicerie 1898
The Outer Boulevards Snow Effect 1879
The Path from Halage Pontoise 1879
The Pathway at Le Chou Pontoise 1878
The Pavillion de Flore and the Pont Royal 1902
The Picnic 1891
The Pilots Jetty Le Havre - High Tide Afternoon Sun 1903
The Pilots Jetty Le Havre Morning Grey Weather Misty 1903
The Pine Trees of Louveciennes 1870
The Pond at Montfoucault 1874
The Pond at Montfoucault 1875
The Pont du Carrousel Afternoon 1903
The Pont Neuf Statue of Henri IV Morning Sun 1901
The Pont Royal - Grey Weather Afternoon spring 1902
The Pont Royal and the Pavillion de Flore 1903
The Pont Royal and the Pavillon de Flore 1903
The Pont-Neuf 1901
The Pont-Neuf 1902
The Pont-Neuf Afternoon Sun 1901
The Pont-Neuf and the Statue of Henri IV 1901
The Pont-Neuf Rainy Afternoon 1901
The Pont-Neuf Snow 1902
The Pont-Neuf Statue of Henri IV Mist 1901
The Pont-Neuf2 1901
The Pont-Neuf2 1902
The Pont-Neuf3 1902
The Pontoise Bridge 1891
The Pork Butcher 1883
The Port of Dieppe 1902
The Port of Dieppe the Dunquesne and Berrigny Basins High Tide Sunny Afternoon 1902
The Port of Le Havre 1903
The Port of Le Havre - High Tide 1903
The Port of Le Havre2 1903
The Port of Rouen 1883
The Port of Rouen Saint-Sever 1896
The Port of Rouen2 1883
The Potato Harvest 1874
The Poultry Market 1885
The Poultry Market at Pontoise 1882
The Quarry Pontoise 1875
The Quays at Rouen 1883
The Railroad Bridge at Pontoise 1873
The Railroad Crossing at Les Patis 1873-1874
The Raised Tarrace of the Pont-Neuf and Statue of Henri IV 1901
The Raised Terrace of the Pont-Neuf 1902
The Raised Terrace of the Pont-Neuf Place Henri IV Afternoon Rain 1902
The Red Roofs
The Rising Path Pontoise 1875
The Road 1864
The Road From Versailles At Louveciennes 1870
The Road from Versailles to Saint-Germain Louveciennes Snow Effect 1872
The Road from Versalles to Saint-Germain at Louveciennes 1872
The Road to Caint-Cyr at Louveciennes 1870
The Road To Louveciennes 1872
The Road To Louveciennes 2 1872
The Road to Louveciennes at the Outskirts of the Forest 1871
The Road to Versailles at Louveciennes 1870
The Road to Versailles at Louveciennes (aka The Effect of Snow) 1869
The Roofs of Old Rouen Grey Weather (aka The Cathedral) 1896
The Saint-Antoine Road at lHermitage Pontoise 1875
The Saint-Sever Quay rouen 1896
The Seine and the Louvre Paris 1903
The Seine at Marly 1871
The Seine at Paris Pont Royal 1903
The Seine at Port-Marly 1872
The Seine in Flood Rouen 1896
The Seine Viewed from the Pont-Neuf Winter 1902
The Serpentine Hyde Park Fog Effect 1890
The Shepherdess (aka Young Peasant Girl with Stick) 1881
The Shepherdess 1881
The Siesta 1899
The Siesta in the Fields 1893
The Snack Child and young peasant at rest 1882
The Sower at Montfoucault 1875
The Stage on the Road from Ennery to l Hermigate Pontoise 1877
The Stagecoach at Louveciennes 1870
The Steading of the Auberge Ango Varengeville 1899
The Tedder 1884
The Tedders
The Telegraph Tower at Montmartre 1863
The Thaw Eragny 1893
The Threshing Machine 1876
The Train Bedford Park
The Train Bedford Park 1897
The Tuileries and the Louvre 1900
The Tuileries Gardens 1900
The Tuileries Gardens In Rain 1899
The Tuileries Gardens Snow Effect 1900
The Tuileries Gardens Winter Afternoon 1899
The Tuileries Gardens1 1900
The Tuilleries Gardens Morning Spring Sun 1899
The Tuilleries Gardens Rainy Weather 1899
The Tuilleries Gardens Winter Afternoon 1899
The Village of Eragny 1885
The Village of Knocke Belgium 1894
The Village Path (aka Thatched Cottages at Valhermeille) 1880
The Village Pathway 1875
The Wheelbarrow 1881
The Wheelbarrow 1881
The Wood Cart 1863
The Woodcutter 1879
The Young Maid 1896
Three Women Cutting Grass 1886
Town Garden in Pontoise 1873
Town Garden In Pontoise (Le Jardin De La Ville A Pontoise) 1873
Trees on a Hill Autumn Landscape in Louveciennes 1872
Turkey Girl 1884
Two Cowherds by the River 1888-1895
Two Peasant Woman Chatting 1892
Two Peasants
Two Women in a Meadow Sunset at Eragny 1897
Two Young Peasants Chatting under the Trees 1881
Unloading Wood at Rouen 1896
Upper Norwood Chrystal Palace London 1871
Varengeville Sunset 1899
Vase of Flowers 1877-1878
Vase of Flowers Tulips and Garnets 1900
Vegetable Garden And Trees In Blossom Spring Pontoise 1877
Vegetable Garden at lHermitage near Pontoise 1879
Vegetable Garden At The Hermitage Near Pontoise 1879
Vegetable Garden in Eragny Overcast Sky Morning 1901
View Across Stamford Brook Common 1897
View from My Window Eragny 1886-1888
View From The Artists Window At Eragny 1886-1888
View of a Farm in Osny 1883
View of Bazincourt Sunset 1892
View of Dunquesne and Berrigny Basins in Dieppe 1902
View of Eragny 1884
View of Eragny 1892
View of lHeritage at Pontoise 1867
View of lHermitage Jallais Hills Pontoise 1867
View of Marly-le-Roi 1870
View of Paris 1897
View of Pontoise 1873
View of Pontoise Quai du Pothuis 1868
View of Rouen (aka Vours-la-Riene) 1883
View of Saint-Ouen-lAumone 1876
View of the Cotton Mill at Oissel near Rouen 1898
View of the Seine from the Raised Tarrace of the Pont-Neuf 1901
View of the Tuilerise Morning 1900
Village Corner (detail) 1862
Village Street Auvers-sur-Oise 1873
Village Street Auvers-sur-Oise1 1873
Village Street Pontoise 1868
Walnut and Apple Trees in Bloom Eragny 1895
Walnut Tree in Spring 1894
Wash-House at Bougival 1872
Washerwoman Eragny 1887
Washerwoman Study (aka La Mere Larcheveque) 1880
White Frost at Eragny 1895
White Horse on a Farm 1874
Windmill at Knocke Belgium 1894
Winter at Montfoucault (aka The Effect of Snow) 1875
Woman And Child At A Well 1882
Woman and Child Doing Needlework 1877
Woman Burning Wood 1890
Woman Carrying a Pitcher on Her Head 1854-1855
Woman Hanging Laundry 1887
Woman Hanging Laundry 1887
Woman In An Orchard Spring Sunshine In A Field Eragny 1887
Woman Putting on Her Stockings 1895
Woman Sewing 1881
Woman Sitting on the Floor 1890
Woman with a Green Scarf 1893
Woman with a Wheelbarrow 1892
Woman with Buckets 1891
Woman With Green Scarf 1893
Women Gathering Grass 1883
Women Tending the Laundry (study) 1887
Working at Eragny 1886
Young Girl Mending Her Stockings 1895
Young Peasant at Her Toilette 1888
Young Peasant Girl Wearing a Hat 1881
Young Peasant Girl Wearing A Hat 1881
Young Woman and Child at the Well 1882
Young Woman Bathing Her Feet 1895
Young Woman Knotting Her Hair
Young Woman Washing Plates 1882
Camille Pissarro Hand Painted Oil Paintings
Camille Pissarro Hand Painted Oil Paintings
Camille Pissarro Hand Painted Oil Paintings
Camille Pissarro Hand Painted Oil Paintings
Camille Pissarro Hand Painted Oil Paintings
Camille Pissarro Hand Painted Oil Paintings

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Pissarro Oil Paintings
Pissarro Oil Paintings
Oil Paintings of Pissarro


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Biography of Camille Pissarro

Camille Pissarro 1830 - 1903

Jacob Camille Pissarro was born on July 10, 1830, to French Jewish parents on the West Indies island of St. Thomas. He was sent to boarding school in France and upon his return six years later he chose to work in his parents’ store. Pissarro abandoned this comfortable bourgeois existence at the age of twenty-two, when he left for Caracas with Danish painter Fritz Melbye, who became his first serious artistic influence.

After returning briefly to St. Thomas, Pissarro left in 1855 for Paris, where he studied at various academic institutions (including the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and Académie Suisse) and under a succession of masters, such as Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Gustave Courbet, and Charles-François Daubigny. Corot is often considered Pissarro’s most important early influence; Pissarro listed himself as Corot’s pupil in the catalogues to the 1864 and 1865 Paris Salons. While Pissarro was accepted to show at the official Salon throughout the 1860s, in 1863 he participated with Edouard Manet, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, and others in the historic Salon des Refusés. At the close of the decade, he moved to Louveciennes (near the Seine, twenty miles from Paris). Working in close proximity with Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, and Alfred Sisley, he began to revise his method of landscape painting, privileging the role of color in his expression of natural phenomena and employing smaller patches of paint. This artistic circle was dispersed by the Franco-Prussian War, which Pissarro fled by moving to London in 1870-71. There he met Paul Durand-Ruel, the Parisian dealer who would become an ardent supporter of Pissarro and his fellow Impressionists. Pissarro participated in his last official Salon in 1870.

The years after Pissarro’s return to France were seminal ones. He settled in Pontoise, where he received young artists seeking advice, including Paul Cézanne and Paul Gauguin. He took part in the first Impressionist exhibition in 1874. Pissarro—along with Edgar Degas, one of the Salon’s most passionate critics—was the only artist to show at all eight of the Impressionist exhibitions, the last of which took place in 1886.

Pissarro experienced somewhat of an artistic crisis in 1885. As he had done consistently throughout his career, he opened himself up to fresh influences by meeting with the younger generation, this time with Paul Signac and Georges Seurat, who were experimenting with a divisionist technique rooted in the scientific study of optics.

Pissarro lived long enough to witness the start of the Impressionists’ fame and influence. He was revered by the Post-Impressionists, including Cézanne and Gauguin, who both referred to him toward the end of their own careers as their “master.” In the last years of his life, Pissarro experienced eye trouble, which forced him to abandon outdoor painting. He continued to work in his studio until his death in Paris on November 13, 1903.

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