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Frida Kahlo List of Oil Paintings

Click on any painting title to view a detailed image

A Few Small Nips
Cactus Fruits
Diego And I
Diego In My Thoughts
Embrace Of The Universe
Frida And Diego1944
Frida And Stalin1954
Fruits Of The Earth
Henry Ford Hospital
Kahlo And Diego Rivera
My Dress Hangs There
Portrai Of Dona Rosita Morillo
Portrait Of Christina My Sister
Portrait Of My Father Kahlo
Retrato De Alicia Galant
Retrato De Mariana Morillo Safa 1944
Self Portrait 1929
Self Portrait 2
Self Portrait With Loose Hair
Self Portrait With Monkey
Self Portrait With Monkeys
Self Portrait With Small Monkey
Self-Portrait Dedicated To Leon Trotsky
Self-Portrait With Cropped Hair
Self-Portrait With The Portrait Of Doctor Favrill
Self-Portrait With Velvet Dress
Selfportrait With Thorn And Hummingbird
Sun And Life
The Bride
The Broken Column
The Bus 1929
The Earth Itself 2 Nudes In The Jungle
The Four Inhabitants Of Mexico
The Little Deer
The Two Fridas
Tree Of Hope
Tree Of Life
Weeping Coconuts 1951 2
What The Water Gave Me
Yo Y Mis Pericos
Frida Kahlo Hand Painted Oil Paintings
Frida Kahlo Hand Painted Oil Paintings
Frida Kahlo Hand Painted Oil Paintings
Frida Kahlo Hand Painted Oil Paintings
Frida Kahlo Hand Painted Oil Paintings
Frida Kahlo Hand Painted Oil Paintings

Biography of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was born in Coyoacan on July 6, 1907. In 1925 she was involved in a trolly accident which left her with permanent injuries. Among these were vertebrae fractures, pelvis fractures, fractures in her right foot and a serious abdominal wound caused by a handrail. She was expected to never recover enough to walk again, although she eventually did. The rest of her life was punctuated with treatments and surgeries, including the amputation of her right leg, in order to mitigate the effects of her injuries.

In 1929, she married Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. The two were divorced and then later remarried. Much has been written about their stormy relationship. It is enough to say here that Rivera was clearly a pivotal force in Frida's life and she in his.

Thoughout her life Frida was a fierce nationalist and a vocal socialist. As a reflection of her beliefs, Frida often wore the indigenous clothing of Mexico. This can be seen both in photographs of her and in her paintings. Frida completed 143 paintings during her lifetime, 55 of which are self-portraits. Many of these self-portaits are among her most famous works. Her works were often classified as surrealist, although she did not like this label. The colors and many of the symbols used in her work are clearly influenced by Mexican tradition

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