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Gustav Klimt List of Oil Paintings

Click on any image to view a detailed image

Adam and Eve 1917-18
Adela Bloch-Bauer 1907
Adele Bloch-Bauer Detail 1907
After the Rain 1899
Amalie Zuckerkandel 1917-18
Apple Tree 1912
Austrian Farmhouse 1911-1911
Avenue in Schloss Kammer Park 1912
Baby 1917-18
Beech Forest I 1902
Bildnis Frieza Riedler 1906
Bildnis Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein 1905
Black Feather Hat (Lady with a Feather Hat) 1910
Dame mit Cape 1897-98
Danae 1907
Death and Life 1916

Die Tanzerin (The Dancer) 1916-18
Elisabeth Bachoven-Echt 1914
Emilia Floge 1902
Emilie Floge Detail 1902
Expectation 1905-09
Farm Garden with Crucifix 1911-1912
Farm Garden with Sunflowers 1905
Flower Garden 1906-08
Friedericke Maria Beer 1916
Fulfillment 1905-09
Garden Path with Chickens 1916
Girl-friends 1916-18
Goldfish 1901-02
Hope I 1903
Hope II 1907-08
Hostile Forces Detail from the Bethoven Frieze 1902
Hostile Forces II Detail from Bethoven Frieze 1902
Hostile Forces the Giant Typhoeus 1902
Hygeia Detail from Medicine 1900-07
Hymn to Joy Detail from Bethoven Frieze 1902
Hymn to Joy Detail from Bethoven Friezze 1902
Idylle 1884
Josef Lewicky 1895
Joseph Pembauer 1890
Judith I 1901
Judith I 1901
Judith II 1901
Judith II 1901
Junge Frau
Kiss 1907-08
Lady with a Hat and the Feather Boa
Love 1895
Love Detail 1895
Malcesine on Lake Garda 1913
Margaret Stonborouh-Wittgenstein 1905
Medicine 1897-98
Mode Primavesi 1912
Moving Water 1898
Music 1901
Music I 1895
Nude 1905-06
Nymphs Silver Fish
Pallas Athene 1898
Pear Tree 1903
Poppy Field 1907
Portait of Frieda Reidel 1906
Portrait of a Lady 1917-18
Portrait of Baroness Elisabeth Bachofen-Echt 1914
Portrait of Eugenia Primavesi 1913-1914
Portrait of Friedericke Maria Beer 1916
Portrait of Gertha Felssovanyi 1902
Portrait of Johanna Staude (unfinished) 1917-1918
Portrait of Joseph Pembauer the Pianist and Piano Teacher 1
Portrait of Serena Lederer 1899
Portrait of Soja Knips 1898
Roses under the Trees 1905
Schloss Kammer on the Attersee 1910
Schloss Kammer on the Attersee I 1910
Schubert at the Piano 1899
Stoneborough Wittgenstein 1905
The Bethoven Frieze I 1902
The Bethoven Frieze II 1902
The Black Feather Hat 1910
The Bride (unfinished) 1917-1918
The Dancer 1916-1918
The Kiss 1907-08
The Maiden (Virgin) 1913
The Polecat Fur - Unfinished
The Stoclet Frieze 1905-09
The Sunflower 1906-07
The Sunflower 1906-1907
The Theater in Taomina 1886-88
The Three Ages of Woman 1905
Tree of Life 1905-09
Water Serpents I 1904-07
Water Serpents II 1904-1907
Woman with the Cape and a Hat 1897-08
Yearning for Happiness Detail from Bethoven Frieze 1905

Biography of Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt was a Viennese painter and the founder of the Vienna Secession, the Austrian Art Nouveau movement. His early work, consisting principally of large murals for theaters, was painted in an unremarkable naturalistic style.

After 1898, Klimt's work moved toward greater innovation and imagination, taking on a more decorative, symbolic aspect. He continued to paint murals, but the harsh public criticism of the three murals Philosophy, Medicine, and Jurisprudence led him to concentrate on panel painting. Klimt's best-known works are his later portraits, such as Frau Fritsa Reidler, with their flat, unshadowed surfaces, translucent, mosaic colors and forms, and sinuous, curling background lines and patterns.

Among his most admired works is the series of mosaic murals (1905-1909) in the Palais Stoclet, an opulent private mansion in Brussels designed by the architect Josef Hoffmann, who was also a member of the Vienna Secession movement.

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