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Henri Rousseau List of Oil Paintings

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A Carnival Evening 1885 1886
A Corner of the Plateau of Bellevue 1901-1902
Apes in the Orange Grove 1910
Avenue de l-Observatoire 1896-1898
Boat in a Storm 1896-1898
Bouquet of Flowers 1895-1900
Bouquet of Flowers 1909
Bouquet of Flowers 1910
Bouquet of Flowers 1910
Bouquet of Flowers with an Ivy Branch 1909
Bouquet of Flowers with an Ivy Branch 1909
Child with Doll 1904-1905
Child with Puppet (aka To Celebrate the Baby) 1903
Combat of a Tiger and a Buffalo 1908
Eve and the Serpent 1904-1905
Exotic Landscape 1908
Exotic Landscape 1909
Family Fishing 1895
Fight between a Tiger and a Buffalo 1908
Footbridge at Passy 1895
Forest Promenade 1886
Forest Rendezvous 1886-1889
Happy Quartet 1901-1902
Horse Attacked by a Jaguar 1910
House on the Outskirts of Paris 1902
Jungle with Lion 1904-1910
Landscape 1885-1886
Landscape on the Banks of the Bievre at Becetre Spring 1908-1909
Landscape on the Banks of the Oise Area of Chaponval 1905
Landscape with Bridge 1875-1877
Landscape with Factory 1896-1906
Landscape with Farmer 1896
Liberty Inviting Artists to Take Part in the 22nd Exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists 1905-1906
Luxembourg Garden 1909
Meadowland 1910
Myself Landscape Portrait 1890
Notre Dame View of the Ile Saint-Louis from the Quai Henri IV 1909
Old Juniors Cart 1908
Portrait of Leon-Paul Fargue 1896
Portrait of a Man 1905
Portrait of a Woman 1895
Portrait of a Woman 1895-1897
Portrait of A Woman 1905
Portrait of Frumence Biche in Uniform 1892-1893
Portrait of Joseph Brummer 1909
Portrait of Monsieur S 1898
Portrait of Mr X (Pierre Loti) 1905-1906
Portrait of the Artists Second Wife with a Lamp 1903
River Bank 1890
Scout Attacked by a Tiger 1904
Self Portrait with a Lamp 1903
Suburban Scene 1896
Surprise 1891
The Artilleryman 1893
The Avenue in the Park at Saint-Cloud 1908
The Banks of the Oise 1908
The Chair Factory 1897
The Customs House 1890-1895
The Dream 1910
The Eifel Tower 1898
The Fishermen and the Biplane 1908
The Flamingos 1907
The Football Players 1908
The Little Cavalier Don Juan 1877-1880
The Merry Jesters 1906
The Mill 1879
The Mill at Alfort 1904-1905
The Muse Inspiring the Poet 1909
The Painter and His Wife 1899
The Pink Candle 1909-1910
The Poultry Yard 1896-1898
The Quarry 1896-1897
The Representatives of Foreign Powers Coming to Greet the Republic as a SignThe Representatives of Foreign Powers Coming to Greet the Republic as a Sign of Peace 1907
The Sleeping Gypsy 1897
The Snake Charmer 1907
The Tiger Cat Date unknown
The Tiger Hunt 1895-1896
The Wedding 1904-1905
Tropical Forest with Apes and Snake 1910
Unpleasant Surprise 1901
View of Bievre-sur-Gentilly Date unknown
View of Grenelle Bridge 1891
View of Malakoff 1908
View of Parc de Montsouris 1894-1895
View of Saint Cloud 1909
View of the Banks of the Oise 1905-1906
View of the Bois de Boulogne 1895-1896
View of the Bridge at Sevres 1908
View of the Fortifications 1896
View of the Ile Saint-Louis from the Quai Henri IV (study) 1909
View of the Outskirts of Paris 1896
View of the Palais du Metropolitan (study) 1909
View of the Quai DOvry 1907
Village near a Factory 1907-1908
Wagon in Front of the Mill 1879
Walking in the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont 1908-1909
Walking in the Parc Montsouris 1909
Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest 1908
Woman with an Umbrella in an Exotic Forest 1907

Biography of Henri Rousseau

Henri Rousseau, known as Le Douanier Rousseau (1844-1910) was a French painter. His nickname refers to the job he held with the Paris Customs Office (1871-93), although he never actually rose to the rank of `Douanier' (Customs Officer). Before this he had served in the army, and he later claimed to have seen service in Mexico, but this story seems to be a product of his imagination. He took up painting as a hobby and accepted early retirement in 1893 so he could devote himself to art.

His character was extraordinarily ingenuous and he suffered much ridicule as well as enduring great poverty. However, his faith in his own abilities never wavered. He tried to paint in the academic manner of such traditionalist artists as Bouguereau and Gérome, but it was the innocence and charm of his work that won him the admiration of the avant-garde: in 1908 Picasso gave a banquet, half serious half burlesque, in his honor.

Rousseau is now best known for his jungle scenes, the first of which is Surprised! (Tropical Storm with a Tiger) and the last The Dream. These two paintings are works of great imaginative power, in which he showed his extraordinary ability to retain the utter freshness of his vision even when working on a large scale and with loving attention to detail. He claimed such scenes were inspired by his experiences in Mexico, but in fact his sources were illustrated books and visits to the zoo and botanical gardens in Paris.

His other work ranges from the jaunty humor of The Football Players to the mesmeric, eerie beauty of The Sleeping Gypsy. Rousseau was buried in a pauper's grave, but his greatness began to be widely acknowledged soon after his death.

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