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Joseph Mallord William Turner List of Oil Paintings

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A Ship Aground 1828
A Storm (Shipwreck) 1823
Alnwick Castle Northumberland 1825-1828
Ancient Rome Agrippina Landing With The Ashes Of Germanicus 1839
Arundel Castle With Rainbow 1824
Bridge Of Signs Ducal Palace And Custom House Venice Canaletti Painting 1833
Caligulas Palace And Bridge 1831
Caligulas Palace And Bridge 1831
Carisbrook Castle Isle Of Wight 1828 Uk
Chichester Canal 1828
Childe Harolds Pilgrimage 1823
Cowes Isle Of Wight 1827
Crossing The Brook 1815
Fall Of The Tees Yorkshire 1825-1826
Fire At Sea 1835
Fishermen At Sea 1796
Flint Castle 1838
Frosty Morning 1813
Keelmen Heaving in Coals by Moonlight
Landscape With A River And A Bay In The Background 1845
Light And The Morning After The Deluge Moses Writing The Book Of Genesis 1843
London 1809
Longships Lighthouse Lands End 1834-1835
Mercury Sent To Admonish Aeneas 1850
Morning Amongst The Coniston Fells Cumberland 1798
Peace Burial At Sea 1842
Pendennis Castle Cornwall Scene After A Wreck 1816
Rain Steam And Speed The Great Western Railway 1844
Regulus 1828-1837
Rome From The Vatican Raffaelle 1820
Rye Sussex 1823
Shipwreck Off Hastings 1825
Snow Storm Hannibal And His Army Crossing The Alps 1812
Snow Storm Steam Boat Off A Harbours Mouth 1842
Stonehenge 1825-1828
The Angel Standing In The Sun 1846
The Battle Of Trafalgr 1806-1808
The Decline Of The Carthaginian Empire 1817
The Dogana San Giorgio Citella From The Steps Of The Europa 1842
The Fighting Temeraire Tugged To Her Last Berth To Be Broken Up 1838
The Grand Canal Venice 1835
The New Stone At The Entrance Of Plymouth Sound 1814
The Shipwreck 1805
The Vale Of Ashburnham 1816
Tivaulx Abbey Yorkshire 1825
Yacht Approaching the Coast

Biography of Joseph Mallord William Turner

Joseph Mallord William Turner was an English landscape painter who is renowned especially for his dynamic treatment of natural light effects in land and marine subjects. His work is of direct importance in the development of impressionism. Turner was born in London on April 23, 1775, and educated at the Royal Academy of Arts. At the age of 15 he exhibited his paintings at the academy and continued to show his work there until 1850. He was elected an associate of the academy in 1799 and a full member three years later. He traveled widely throughout his career, extensively touring England and Scotland and later France, Switzerland, and Italy. In 1807 he became professor of perspective at the Royal Academy and in 1845 was appointed deputy professor.

Turner's early paintings were predominantly watercolors and his subjects mostly landscapes. By the late 1790s he had started exhibiting his first oil paintings, eventually transferring to the oils the same vibrance of color that had proved so successful in his watercolors. His mature work falls into three periods.

During the first period (1800-20) Turner painted many picturesque mythological and historical scenes in which the coloring was subdued and details and contours were emphasized. He was influenced by the 17th-century French landscape painter Claude Lorrain, notably in the use of atmospheric effects, as in The Sun Rising Through Vapor, and in the treatment of architectural forms, as in Dido Building Carthage.

The paintings of the artist's second period are characterized by more brilliant coloring and by diffusion of light. In two of Turner's best works, Bay of Baiae and Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus, his use of light lends radiance to the colors and softens architectural and topographical forms and shadows.

Turner's artistic genius reached its culmination during his third period. In such works as Snow Storm: Steam Boat Off a Harbor's Mouth , Peace-Burial at Sea , and Rain, Steam, and Speed, he achieved a vibrant sense of force by presenting objects as indistinct masses within a glowing haze of color. Some of the forces represented are the strength of the sea and the rhythm of rain. Other famous works of this period include The Fighting Téméraire, The Sun of Venice Going to Sea, and The Approach to Venice. Turner died in London on December 19, 1851.

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