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Ghent,Justus of
also known as: Joos van Gent, Gent Joos van, Justus of Ghent, Ghent Justus of, Jodocus van Gent, Juste de Gand, Gand Juste de, Giusto da Guanto, Giusto Guanto, Wassenhove Joos van, Joos van Wassenhove, Josse van Wassenhoven, J. V. Ghert
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Howard, George
(George Howard)
also known as: Howard George James Earl of Carlisle , George James Howard Earl of Carlisle, Carlisle George James Howard Earl of, Howard George James 9th Earl of Carlisle, Carlisle George James Howard 9th Earl of, George James Howard, Howard George James
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Campin, Robert
(Robert Campin)
also known as: , Campin Robert, Robert Campin, Flémalle Master of, Master of Flemalle, Maître de Flémalle, Meister von Flémalle, Master of Flémalle, Maître de l'autel de Mérode, Master of Mérode, Master of Merode
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Barker of Bath, Thomas
(Thomas Barker of Bath)
also known as: Barker, Thomas Thomas Barker Thomas Barker of Bath Barker of Bath, Thomas Barker, Thomas, of Bath Barter, Thomas Barker, Of Bath
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Poussin, Nicolas
(Nicolas Poussin)
also known as: Poussin Nicolas, Nicolas Poussin , Poussin Nichola , Poussin Nicholas, Nicholas Poussin, Nicola Poussin , Niccolo Poussin , Nicholo Poussin , Nicolo Poussin , Nicolò Poussin , Pousin Nicolas , Nicolas Pouissin , Pousan Nicolas , Pousien Nicolas , Poussen Nicolas , Puisson Nicolas , Pousijn Nicolas , Poussijn Nicolas , Posini Nicolas , Nicolò Posino , Possini Nicolas , Possino Nicolas , Poussino Nicolas , Nicolò Pusini , Niccolo Pussini , Nicolo Pussini , Pusino Nicolas, Nicola Pusino , Nicolo Pusino , Niccolo Pusino , Niccola Pussino , Niccolo Pussino , Nicolas Pussino , Niccolò Pussino , Nicolò Pussino , Pozzino Nicolas, Nich. Poussin , Nichls. Poussin , Paussin Nicolas, Niccolò Putino , Poison Nicolas , Poesi Nicolas , Posi Nicolas , Poufon Nicolas, Poussn Nicolas, Master of Hovingham
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Gossaert, Jan
(Jan Gossaert)
also known as: Gossaert Jan, Jan Gossaert, Gossart Jan, Gossart Jan van, Henegouwe Jan van, Waele Jan de, Gossart Janin, Gossart Iennin, Gossart Jennyn, Mabeuse Jan de, Mabuge Jan de, Maubege Jan de, Maubeuge Jan de, Maubeuse Jan de, Maubuse Jan de, Maugeuge Jan de, Mabeuge Jan de, Mabuze Jan de, Mabuse Jan de, Maubauge Jan, Maubeuge Jan, Mabeuge Jan, Mabuge Jan, Maubeuse Jan, Mabuse Jan, Mabeuse Jean de, Maubeuge Jean de, Mabeuse John de, Mabuse John de, Jean of Maubeuge, Jan of Maubeuge, Gossaert Jean, Gossart Jennine, Mabuse Jennyn Gossart van, Mabuse Nicasius Gossaert van, Mabuse Jan Gossaert, Mabuse Jennyn, Malbodius Joannes, Mauberge Jan Gossaert, Mauberge Jennyn, Mauberge Jennyn Gossart van, Mabuse Jan Gossaert van , Mabuse Jan Gossart van, Mabuse Jennyn Gossaert van, Mauberge Jennyn Gossaert van, Mauberge Jan Gossaert van, Mauberge Jan Gossart van , Mabuse Nicasius Gossart van, Mauberge Nicasius Gossaert van, Mauberge Nicasius Gossart van
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Memling, Hans
(Hans Memling)
also known as: Memling Hans, Hans Memling, Memlinc Hans, Hans van Brugge, John of Bruges, Memlinc Jan
43 items in this collection
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Leighton, Lord Frederick
(Lord Frederick Leighton)
also known as: Leighton Frederic 1st Baron Leighton of Stretton , Frederic Leighton 1st Baron Leighton of Stretton, Frederic Leighton, Leighton Frederic, Leighton Frederic Baron, Leighton Lord Frederic, Baron Leighton, Leighton Frederick, Leighton Lord Frederick, Frederic Leighton Lord Leighton, Leighton Frederic Leighton Baron, Lord Leighton Frederic Leighton
40 items in this collection
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Baker, Thomas
(Thomas Baker)
also known as: Baker, Thomas Thomas Baker Baker, Thomas, of Leamington Thomas Baker of Leamington Baker, Of Leamington
One item in this collection
Pietersz, Pieter
(Pieter Pietersz)
also known as: Pietersz. Pieter I , Pieter Pietersz. I, Pietersz. Pieter the elder , Aertsen Pieter de jonge , Pietersz Pieter , Pieters Pieter , Pieter Pieters , Pieter Pietersen , Pieters Jonge Lange Pier , Ionge Lange Pier van Amsterdam , Jonge Lange Pier , Jongepier, Master of the Berlin Family Portrait
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Grunewald, Matthias
(Matthias Grunewald)
also known as: Grünewald Matthias, Matthias Grünewald, Matthias Grunewald, Grünewald Matthaeus, Grünewald Mathis, Grünewald Mathes, Grünewald Mathias, Grunewald Matthias, Grunewald Mathis, Grunewald Mathes, Grunewald Matthaeus, Matthias Gothardt, Gothardt Mathis, Gotthardt Mathis, Gothart Mathis, Gothart-Nithart Mathis, Neithart Matthäus Gotthart, Niethart Matthäus Gotthart, Neithardt Mathis Gothardt, Nithart Mathis Gothart, Nitkhart-Gotkhart Matis, Neithardt Mathis, Matthias Neithardt, Niethardt Mathis, Nithart Mathis, Matthias Nithardt, Mathis of Aschaffenburg, Aschaffenburg Mathis von, Grün Mathis, Matthias Griuneval'd
32 items in this collection
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Stockt, Vrancke Van Der
(Vrancke Van Der Stockt)
also known as: Stockt Vrancke van der, Vrancke van der Stockt, Stockt Vranck van der, Stock Vranck van der, Stock Vranke van der, Stoct Vrancke van der, Vranck van der Stock, Master of the Prado Redemption
One item in this collection
Wilson, Richard
(Richard Wilson)
also known as: Wilson Richard, Richard Wilson, Richard Wilson of Birmingham, Wilson of Birmingham Richard, Wilson Richard of Birmingham
9 items in this collection
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Swanevelt, Herman Van
(Herman Van Swanevelt)
also known as: Swanevelt Herman van, Herman van Swanevelt, Swanefeld Herman van, Svanefeld Herman van, Swamfeld Herman van, Swaneveldt Herman van, Swanevelt Hermann van, Schwanefeld Herman van, Swanaveld Herman van, Swanaveldt Herman van, Swanavelt Herman van, Swandeveld Herman van, Swandevelt Herman van, Swandveldt Herman van, Swanefeldt Herman van, Swaneveld Herman van, Swanevelde Herman van, Swanevelte Herman van, Swanewelt Herman van, Swanfelder Herman van, Swanfelt Herman van , Swanifelt Herman van , Swaniveldt Herman van, Swannefeldt Herman van, Swanneveld Herman van , Swanneveldt Herman van, Swannivelde Herman van, Swanniveldt Herman van, Swanvelde Herman van, Swanveldt Herman van, Swanweldt Herman van, Swaveveldt Herman van, Armand van Swanevelt, Erman Swanevelt, Monsieur Herman, Monsù Hermano van Swanevelt, Monsù Herman Fiammengo, Monsù Ermano van Swanevelt, Monsù Armand van Swanevelt, Monsù Arman van Swanevelt, Herman d'Italie, the Hermit of Italy, Herman Irranevelt, Ermano Vandervert, Herman Vandervert Fiammingo, Vendervert Herman, Wandervert Herman
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Granacci, Francesco
(Francesco Granacci)
also known as: Granacci Francesco, Francesco Granacci, Granacci Francesco d'Andrea di Marco, Master of the Scanducci Lamentation
6 items in this collection
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