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Eduardo Chicharro Aguera
location: Private Collection
Reproduction Oil Painting
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Van Gogh, Vincent
(Vincent Van Gogh)
also known as: Gogh Vincent van, Vincent van Gogh, Gogh Vincent Willem van, van Gogh Vincent
332 items in this collection
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Eertvelt, Andries van
(Andries van Eertvelt)
also known as: Eertvelt Andries van, Andries van Eertvelt, Aertveldt Andries van, Artvelt Andries van, Ertvelt Andries van
2 items in this collection
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Velde, Willem Van De The Younger
(Willem Van De The Younger Velde)
also known as: Velde Willem van de II, Willem van de Velde II, Velde Willem van de II le jeune, Velde Willem van de the younger, Velde Willem van de de jonge, Velde William van de II, Velde Willem van de, Van de Velde Willem, Van de Velde William, De Velde Willem van, Willem Van de Velde Jr., Willem van de Velde, Willem van de Veld, Willem Van De Velde, Willem van de Vonde, Willem Vandeceld, Wilem Vandenveldte, Willem Vanderveld, Willem Vanderveldt, Willem Vandeveld, Willem Vandevelde, Willem Vandeveldt, Willem van de Veldt, Willem Vander Veldt, Willem Vandervelde, Willem Van Velde, Velde Willem Willemsz, Velde William van de, William Vanderveldt the Younger, Willem Vandevelde Jr., William Vandevelde Jr., Wm. Vandevelde the Younger, Willem Vandevelde Jun., Van De Velde Williem II
19 items in this collection
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Aelst, Willem van
(Willem van Aelst)
also known as: Aelst Willem van, Willem van Aelst, Willem Van Aalst , Willem Van Alest, Willem Van Elst, Willem Van Haelst, Willem Vander Aalst, Willem Vander Aelst, Willem Valdenast, Willem Valdenaft, Willem Von Olst, Guglielmo von Alst, Guillelmo van Aalst, Guillelmo van Aelst, Gullelmo van Aalst
11 items in this collection
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Mieris, Willem Van
(Willem Van Mieris)
also known as: Mieris Willem van, Willem van Mieris, Willem van Meiris, Willem van Mires de Jonge, Willem van Mieris the Younger, Willem Mieris, Willem van Miris, Willem Mires, William Mieris, Wm. Mieris, Guillaume Miéris, G. Mieris
3 items in this collection
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Dalem, Cornelis van
(Cornelis van Dalem)
also known as: Dalem Cornelis van, Cornelis van Dalem, Dale Cornelis van , Dalem Cornelius van
2 items in this collection
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Son, Joris Van
(Joris Van Son)
also known as: Son Joris van, Joris van Son, Son Georg van, Van Son
One item in this collection
Thulden, Theodor Van
(Theodor Van Thulden)
also known as: Thulden Theodor van, J. Van Tulden, Theodor van Thulden, Theodorus van Tulden, Thulden Theodoor van, Thulden Théodore van, Thulden Theodore van, Thulden Theodorus van, Tulden Theodor van, Tulden Theodorus van, V. Thulden, V. Tulden, Van Thulden, Van Thulden Theodoor, Van Tulden
One item in this collection
Loon, Theodor van
(Theodor van Loon)
also known as: Loon Theodoor van, Theodoor van Loon, Loon Theodor van, Van Loon Theodoor
2 items in this collection
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Eyck, Jan van
(Jan van Eyck)
also known as: Eyck Jan van, Jan van Eyck, Jan Van Eyck, Van Eyck Jan, Van Eycke Jan, Eyck Johannes van, Jean Van Eck, Jean van Eick, Jean van Eyk, Eyck Jean van, John van Eyck
6 items in this collection
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Alsloot, Denis van
(Denis van Alsloot)
also known as: Alsloot Denys van, Denys van Alsloot, Alsloot Denijs van, Alsloot Denis van, Denis van Alsloot, Alslot Denijs van, Van Sloot Denys
One item in this collection
Haanen, Cecil Van
(Cecil Van Haanen)
also known as: Haanen Cecil van, Cecil van Haanen
One item in this collection
Swanevelt, Herman Van
(Herman Van Swanevelt)
also known as: Swanevelt Herman van, Herman van Swanevelt, Swanefeld Herman van, Svanefeld Herman van, Swamfeld Herman van, Swaneveldt Herman van, Swanevelt Hermann van, Schwanefeld Herman van, Swanaveld Herman van, Swanaveldt Herman van, Swanavelt Herman van, Swandeveld Herman van, Swandevelt Herman van, Swandveldt Herman van, Swanefeldt Herman van, Swaneveld Herman van, Swanevelde Herman van, Swanevelte Herman van, Swanewelt Herman van, Swanfelder Herman van, Swanfelt Herman van , Swanifelt Herman van , Swaniveldt Herman van, Swannefeldt Herman van, Swanneveld Herman van , Swanneveldt Herman van, Swannivelde Herman van, Swanniveldt Herman van, Swanvelde Herman van, Swanveldt Herman van, Swanweldt Herman van, Swaveveldt Herman van, Armand van Swanevelt, Erman Swanevelt, Monsieur Herman, Monsù Hermano van Swanevelt, Monsù Herman Fiammengo, Monsù Ermano van Swanevelt, Monsù Armand van Swanevelt, Monsù Arman van Swanevelt, Herman d'Italie, the Hermit of Italy, Herman Irranevelt, Ermano Vandervert, Herman Vandervert Fiammingo, Vendervert Herman, Wandervert Herman
5 items in this collection
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Hemessen, Jan Sanders Van
(Jan Sanders Van Hemessen)
also known as: Hemessen Jan van, Jan van Hemessen, Hemessen Jan Sanders de, Hernesen Jan van, Jan de Hemessen, Hemessen Jan Sanders van
26 items in this collection
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Eeckhout, Gerbrand van Den
(Gerbrand van Den Eeckhout)
also known as: Dyck Anthony van, Eeckhout Gerbrand van den, Gerbrand van den Eeckhout, Eeckhout Gerbrand Jansz. van den, Eeckhout Gerbrandt van den, Eckhoudt Gerbrand van den, Eekhout Gerbrand van den, Van Eeckhout Gerbrand, Vander Eeckhout Gerbrand, Echout Gerbrand van den, Eyckhout Gerbrand van den, Eckhouet Gerbrand van den, Eckhout Gerbrand van den, Eckout Gerbrand van den, Eekhoud Gerbrand van den, Eickhout Gerbrand van den, Gerbrand Van Eckhout, Gerbrant vander Eeckhout, van den Eckhout Gerbrand, Van Eckhout Gerbrand, Vanden Eckhout Gerbrand, Vander Eckhout Gerbrand
9 items in this collection
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