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Cubells Y Ruiz, Enrique Martinez
(Enrique Martinez Cubells Y Ruiz)
also known as: Martínez Cubells y Ruiz Enrique, Enrique Martínez Cubells y Ruiz, Cubells y Ruiz Enrique Martinez, Martinez Cubells y Ruiz Enrique, Martínez Ruiz Enrique, Martínez-Cubells y Ruiz Diosayuda Enrique, Martínez-Cubells Enrique, Ruiz Enrique Martínez Cubells
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Walscapelle, Jacob Van
(Jacob Van Walscapelle)
also known as: Walscapelle Jacob van, Jacob van Walscapelle, Walscappelle Jacob van, Walscapel Jacob van, Walscapele Jacob van, Walscappel Jacob van
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Hamme, Alexis van
(Alexis van Hamme)
also known as: Hamme Alexis van, Alexis van Hamme
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Cleve, Joos van
(Joos van Cleve)
also known as: Cleve Joos van, Joos van Cleve, Beke Joos van der, Cleef Joos van, Cleve Joos van the elder, Cleve Joos van der Beke van, Kleef Joos van, Cleef Joos van der Beke, Cleve Joos van der Beke, Sotte Cleef, Sotte Cleeff
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Hemessen, Jan Sanders Van
(Jan Sanders Van Hemessen)
also known as: Hemessen Jan van, Jan van Hemessen, Hemessen Jan Sanders de, Hernesen Jan van, Jan de Hemessen, Hemessen Jan Sanders van
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Rysselberghe, Theo Van
(Theo Van Rysselberghe)
also known as: Rysselberghe Théo van, Théo van Rysselberghe, Théophile van Rysselberghe, Theo van Rysselberghe , Rysselberghe Theo van, Rysselberghe Theodore van, Rysselberghe Theodore, Rysselberghe Theo
66 items in this collection
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Swanevelt, Herman Van
(Herman Van Swanevelt)
also known as: Swanevelt Herman van, Herman van Swanevelt, Swanefeld Herman van, Svanefeld Herman van, Swamfeld Herman van, Swaneveldt Herman van, Swanevelt Hermann van, Schwanefeld Herman van, Swanaveld Herman van, Swanaveldt Herman van, Swanavelt Herman van, Swandeveld Herman van, Swandevelt Herman van, Swandveldt Herman van, Swanefeldt Herman van, Swaneveld Herman van, Swanevelde Herman van, Swanevelte Herman van, Swanewelt Herman van, Swanfelder Herman van, Swanfelt Herman van , Swanifelt Herman van , Swaniveldt Herman van, Swannefeldt Herman van, Swanneveld Herman van , Swanneveldt Herman van, Swannivelde Herman van, Swanniveldt Herman van, Swanvelde Herman van, Swanveldt Herman van, Swanweldt Herman van, Swaveveldt Herman van, Armand van Swanevelt, Erman Swanevelt, Monsieur Herman, Monsù Hermano van Swanevelt, Monsù Herman Fiammengo, Monsù Ermano van Swanevelt, Monsù Armand van Swanevelt, Monsù Arman van Swanevelt, Herman d'Italie, the Hermit of Italy, Herman Irranevelt, Ermano Vandervert, Herman Vandervert Fiammingo, Vendervert Herman, Wandervert Herman
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Thulden, Theodor Van
(Theodor Van Thulden)
also known as: Thulden Theodor van, J. Van Tulden, Theodor van Thulden, Theodorus van Tulden, Thulden Theodoor van, Thulden Théodore van, Thulden Theodore van, Thulden Theodorus van, Tulden Theodor van, Tulden Theodorus van, V. Thulden, V. Tulden, Van Thulden, Van Thulden Theodoor, Van Tulden
One item in this collection
Streeck, Juriaen Van
(Juriaen Van Streeck)
also known as: Streeck Juriaen van, J. van Streeck, J.V. Streek, Juriaen van Streeck, Jurriaen van Streek, Streeck Juriaean van, Streek Juriaen van, Van Streeck, Van Streek
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Poelenburgh, Cornelis Van
(Cornelis Van Poelenburgh)
also known as: Poelenburgh Cornelis van, Cornelis van Poelenburgh, Poelenburch Cornelis van, Poelenburg Cornelis van, Poelenberg Cornelis van, Poelemberg Cornelis, Poelemburch Cornelis , Poelemburg Cornelis, Polemberg Cornelis, Polenburgh Cornelis, Corneille Poelembourg , Corneille Polembourg, Cornelio Pulemburg, Cornelio Pulemburgo, Cornelis Poelenburg, Cornelius Poelemburch, Cornelius Poelemburg, Poelembergh Cornelis van, Poelembourg Cornelis van, Poelemburch Cornelis van, Poelemburg Cornelis van, Poelemburgh Cornelis van, Poelenborch Cornelis van , Poelmbourg Cornelis van, Pohlemberg Cornelis van, Polemberg Cornelis van, Polembergh Cornelis van, Polemborg Cornelis van, Polemborgh Cornelis van, Polembourg Cornelis van, Polembourgh Cornelis van, Polemburg Cornelis van, Polemburgh Cornelis van, Polenberg Cornelis van, Polenbergh Cornelis van , Polenborg Cornelis van, Polenborgh Cornelis van, Polenburg Cornelis van , Polenburgh Cornelis van, Pollenberg Cornelis van, Pollenburgh Cornelis van, Poolenborgh Cornelis van, Poulenborgh Cornelis van, Poulenburch Cornelis van , Cornelius Polemburg, Bruschi Cornelio, Cornelio Benincasa, Cornelio Satiro , Cornelio Sabitto, Corneli Sattilo, Cornelio Saiter, Cornelio Saiter Fiammingo, Polemrerg Cornelis van, Corn. Poelemburg
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Poel, Egbert Van Der
(Egbert Van Der Poel)
also known as: Poel Egbert van der, Egbert van der Poel, Van der Poel Egbert, Poel Egbert Lievensz. van der, Pool Egbert van der, Poole Egbert van der, Poel Egbert van, Pool Egbert van, Vander Poel Egbert, Vander Pool Egbert, Vander Poole Egbert , Vanderpoel Egbert, Vanderpool Egbert, Vanderpood Egbert , Ferg. V. der Pool
7 items in this collection
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Goyen, Jan Van
(Jan Van Goyen)
also known as: Goyen Jan van, Jan van Goyen, Goyen Jan Josephsz. van, Goyen Jan Josephszoon van, Vangoyen Jan Josephsz., Goien Jan Josephsz. van, Gooij Jan Josephsz. van, Jan van Gojen, Jan van Goijen, Jan van Gooijen, Jan van Goien, John van Goyen, Gayen Jan Josephsz. van, Goen Jan Josephsz. van, Goin Jan Josephsz. van, Gooyen Jan Josephsz. van, Gouen Jan Josephsz. van, Vangoen Jan Josephsz., Vangoin Jan Josephsz., Vaugoyen Jan Josephsz.
56 items in this collection
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Somer, Paulus Van
(Paulus Van Somer)
also known as: Somer Paulus van I, Paulus van Somer I, Somer Paul van I, Somer Paul I van, Somer Paul van, Somer Paulus van, Somer Pauwels van, Paulus van Somer, Sommer Paulus van, Someren Paulus I van, Someren Paul I van, Someren Paul van, Paulus Vansomer, Somer Paulus I van
2 items in this collection
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Honthorst, Gerrit Van
(Gerrit Van Honthorst)
also known as: Honthorst Gerrit van, Gerrit van Honthorst, Van Honthorst Gerrit, Honthorst Gerard van, Gherardo Fiammingo, Fiammingo Gherardo, Gherardo Fiamengo, Gerardo delle Notti, Gherardo della Notte, Gherardo delle Notti, Gherardo de la Notte, Gherard Honthorst, Gerard Honthorst, Gerard Honthurst, Van Honthorst Gerard, Honthorst Gerard von, Honthorst Gerhard, Honthorst Gerrit, Gerard Hontorst, Gerrit Honthurst, Gerardo fiamengo, Ghirardo fiamengo, Ghirardo delle Notti, Notte Gherardo della, Notti Gherardo delle, Della Notte Gherardo, Gerard de la Notte, Monsù Giraud della notte
40 items in this collection
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Son, Joris Van
(Joris Van Son)
also known as: Son Joris van, Joris van Son, Son Georg van, Van Son
One item in this collection
Haanen, Cecil Van
(Cecil Van Haanen)
also known as: Haanen Cecil van, Cecil van Haanen
One item in this collection


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