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    Oil Paintings - Art Collections - German Paintings - Verwandlung von Hermaphroditos und Salmicis. Nederlands: De gedaanteverwisseling van Hermaphroditus en de nimf Salmacis.

Verwandlung von Hermaphroditos und Salmicis. Nederlands: De gedaanteverwisseling van Hermaphroditus en de nimf Salmacis.
Verwandlung von Hermaphroditos und Salmicis. Nederlands: De gedaanteverwisseling van Hermaphroditus en de nimf Salmacis.
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Sollten Sie mit der Qualität unserer Ölgemälde wider erwarten nicht zufrieden sein, werden wir Ihnen umgehend Ihr Geld erstatten. Ohne wenn und aber!

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Informationen über Ihr Ölgemälde

100% Hand Painted Verwandlung von Hermaphroditos und Salmicis. Nederlands: De gedaanteverwisseling van Hermaphroditus en de nimf Salmacis.
Jedes Gemälde wird von unseren Künstlern per Hand gemalt. Ocean’s Bridge setzt keine digitalen oder analogen Techniken zur Reproduktion von Kunstwerken ein. Alle Gemälde werden ausschließlich im eigenen Atelier angefertigt.

Customer Reviews

"I just wanted you to know how much I liked the painting. It is quite well done and gives a great sense of the original. I shall be ordering another one shortly." S.R.

"Received the painting tonight from UPS. It's wonderful. Having owned 3 scottie dogs in my life, it's a joy to look at. Please remember that artist for me that has painted the last 2. I'll be ordering another in the next week. Thanks for your time and consideration of this." - R.R.

Received painting , it looks great. Thank you for all the revisions, and patience. Loretta

I would like to extend my thanks and compliments to the artist for the countless hours of work in the reproduction of great work of art. " - C.B.

Did you see me dancing for joy? Did you hear me whooping it up? Did you see that big hole in my heart being healed after 30 years when I saw your version of Miss Hawkins which was better than the original?!!! I don't have to lament the theft of my Romney any more. And the Yacht in horizontal is just great! I sold the Yacht painting 20 years ago and now I've got your version and I love it! Tell the artists that I am pleased more than they can imagine. When they are framed and hanging up it will be a wonderful day for me! I had a truly marvelous night tonight and it was a spectacular way to end a PERFECT DAY. Most sincerely!!!!!!! Amanda

O.K. I like it. Thanks. Henry

Hi Dan We have recieved the oil painting of my cat Ben, and i just wanted to tell you and the artist how beautiful it is and the attention to detail is superb.When you look at the picture he had to work with my picture was poor.He has captured all his features perfectly its brilliant.Would you tell this talented artist that i am over the moon with it and thank him for all his time effort and patience.He is so gifted.Once again thankyou for everything you have done.When i look at this painting i can keep Ben in my heart forever. Best Wishes & Kind Regards Jess & Family

Dan, I was so awestruck after unraveling the painting and glancing at the results, I honestly feel I haven't fully recovered. It's only because of practical reasons that I email you to ask questions about the surface of the painting because the frame shop wanted to know if it should be prepared in any way. Is there any recommendations you can make before it is framed? I now wished I had asked for those photos you offered while the painting was being prepared (though I found photos at the website that explains the process). I'm truly beholden to the artist for his/hers recreation. After 40 years, I never imagine I would lay eyes on this painting again (held in private collection). The artist captured the clarity of her eyes. Even as an elderly woman, that illuminating presence was still there. Would it be possible to send a small gratuity to the artist in appreciation? With many many thanks, Alan

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Verwandlung von Hermaphroditos und Salmicis. Nederlands: De gedaanteverwisseling van Hermaphroditus en de nimf Salmacis.

Jan Gossaert
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam
Ölgemälde auf Leinwand
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Our Price: $139.00
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