About Our Customers

We’ve been fortunate to work with some really great people from all over the world, and this interaction is one of the most satisfying aspects of our work. Who are our customers, anyway, and what do they have to say about us?

The Art Lover

The majority of our customers are individuals who have an appreciation for art, or who have simply fallen in love with a particular painting at some point and decided to commission us to recreate it for them. Sometimes it’s a special gift, a painting that has meaning to the recipient, or a portrait of family present or past. Other times the art is chosen to match the theme of the room in which it’s to be hung. Whatever the reason for choosing a painting, the fact we’ve sold to customers in over 100 different countries is proof that the love of art crosses all borders and boundaries!

The Interior Designer

We work a lot with professional designers, and supply art for restaurant, hotel, corporate and high-end residential development projects. Our designer clients know they can rely on us to meet deadlines and to provide the highest quality paintings and frames.

Interior designers are some of our favorite clients – they know what they want and tend to have a really excellent eye – and through them we have been lucky enough to land some really interesting projects, such as:

  • A series of unusually large religious paintings for a newly recommitted church in Illinois
  • The design and creation of a 20 foot long floral painting for a wedding chapel in Holland
  • Hundreds of classical Venetian oil paintings for a new casino in Macau (which last year beat Las Vegas to become the world’s premier gambling destination!)
  • A series of portraits and landscapes for a major new Hong Kong real estate development project, including one portrait for the lobby that was 12 feet tall! This was particularly challenging as not only were we on a very tight deadline but the tycoon behind the development had a deep understanding and appreciation for art and actually owned the originals of some of the paintings we were reproducing!

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The Retailer

We supply a lot of retailers, both online and off. Naturally we respect our customers’ privacy and can’t name names, as it were, but suffice it to say that customers include major US and UK retailers, framers, furniture stores, and several well-known internet retailers.


We have worked with a number of professional photographers to create oil painted versions of their artwork. This usually means photo-realistic oil on canvas, which is beyond many artists’ ability. Fortunately we have two members of our team that are amazing at this – even the other artists are left in awe!

The Architect

When a new project is being planned, be it a government building, hotel, or even supermarket chain, architects occasionally reach out to us to get quotes and advice on what kind of art might work in a given space. With over 100,000 paintings in our online collection it is often easier to ask us for recommendations rather than plough through page after page of paintings looking for the “right” sort of thing. Naturally, we are happy to help in these situations.

Business Owners

Suggesting art to match a particular business or décor is something we do quite often. It might be legal themed paintings for a law firm, medical for a doctor’s surgery, or just suitable art to match the “personality” of the company and atmosphere of the space.

Interestingly there is a growing body of evidence that suggests art in the workplace (or school, or hospital etc.) can positively impact the mood of the people within.

….And More!

Twenty thousand customers and counting, each with their own reason for buying a work of art!

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