John Atkinson Grimshaw List of Oil Paintings

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An Autumn Idyll 1885
Autumn Morning
Bowder Stone Borrowdale
Day Dreams 1877
Endymion on Mount Latmus
Evening Knostrop Old Hall
Glasgow Docks
Golden Light 1893
Gourock Near The Clyde Shipping Docks
Greenock Dock
Knostrop Hall Early Morning
Lane In Cheshire
Liverpool Customs House
Liverpool Quay by Moonlight
London Bridge-Half Tide
Midsummer Night
November Afternoon Stapleton Park
October Gold
Roundhaylake From Castle
Spirit of the Night
Stapleton Park near Pontefract
Summer 1875
The Lovers
The Thames Below London Bridge
The Turn Of The Road
View of Heath Street by Night
Whitby From Scotch Head
Whitby Harbour By Moonlight 1867
John Atkinson Grimshaw Oil Paintings
John Atkinson Grimshaw Oil Paintings
John Atkinson Grimshaw Oil Paintings
John Atkinson Grimshaw Oil Paintings
John Atkinson Grimshaw Oil Paintings
John Atkinson Grimshaw Oil Paintings

Biography ofJohn Atkinson Grimshaw

John Atkinson Grimshaw was a Leeds painter of landscapes, town views and dockyards, especially at sunset or by moonlight. Born the son of an ex-policeman, Grimshaw first began painting while working as a clerk for the Great Northern Railway. He encountered bitter opposition from his parents, but after his marriage in 1858 to Theodosia Hobbarde, a cousin of T.S. Cooper, he was able to devote himself to painting.

By 1870, he was successful enough to rent Knostrop Old Hall, a 17th century mansion near Temple Newsam, which features in many of his pictures. Later in the 70s, he built a house near Scarborough, and in the 80s rented a studio in Chelsea. Grimshaw painted mostly for private patrons, and exhibited only 5 works at the Royal Academy between 1874 and 1886, and one at the Grosvenor Gallery. The towns and docks that he painted most frequently were Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds's, Scarborough, Whitby and London.

Grimshaw's style and subject matter changed little during his career; he strove constantly to perfect his own very individual vision. He was interested in photography, and sometimes used a camera obscure to project outlines on to canvas, enabling him to repeat compositions several times. He also mixed sand and other ingredients with his paint to get the effects he wanted. Although he established no school, Grimshaw's pictures were forged and imitated in his lifetime, notably by Wilfred Jenkins and H. Meegan. Although his moonlit town views are his most popular works, he also painted landscapes, portraits, interiors, fairy pictures and neo-classical subjects. During his early period he signed "J.A. Grimshaw" but c.1867 dropped the John, and signed himself Atkinson Grimshaw. He usually signed his pictures on the front and the reverse, inscribed with the title. Two of his sons, Arthur and Louis, were also painters

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