Mary Cassatt List of Oil Paintings

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A Musical Party 1874
A Portrait Of The Artists Mother 1889-1890
At The Opera 1979
At The Theater (Woman In A Loge) 1879-1880
Babys First Caress 1890
Child In A Straw Hat 1886
Girl Arranging Her Hair 1886
Head Of A Young Girl 1876
Helene De Septeuil 1889-1890
In The Omnibus 1890-1891
La Jeune Mariee (The Young Bride) 1875
Lady At The Tea Table 1883
Little Girl In A Blue Armchair 1878
Louisine Elder Havemeyer 1896
Lydia At A Tapestry Loom 1881
Lydia Crocheting In The Garden At Marly 1880
Margot Standing in a Garden
Mary Ellison Embroidering 1877
Maternal Kiss 1897
Miss Mary Ellison 1880
Mother And Child 1893
Mother Combing Her Childs Hair 1901
Mother Playing With Her Child 1897
Mrs Robert S Cassatt The Artists Mother (Katherine Kelso Johnston Cassatt) 1889
Nurse Reading To A Little Girl 1895
On The Balcony During Carnival 1873
On The Meadow 1880
Portrait Of Alexander Cassatt And His Son Robert 1885
Portrait Of An Elderly Lady 1887
Portrait Of Charles Dikran Kelekian At Age 12 1910
Profile Portrait Of Lydia Cassatt (The Artist's Sister) 1880
Reading Le Figaro (Portrait Of The Artist's Mother) 1878
Reine Lefevre And Margot 1902
Sara In A Green Bonnet 1901
Self-Portrait 1878
Self-Portrait 1880
Self-Portrait Detail 1 1878
Self-Portrait Detail 1878
Sewing Woman 1880-1882
Sleepy Baby 1910
Spanish Dancer Wearing A Lace Mantilla 1873
Summertime 1894
Susan On A Balcony Holding A Dog 1882
The Banjo Lesson 1893
The Bath (The Childs Bath) 1890-1891
The Bath 1893
The Boating Party 1893-94
The Caress 1902
The Childs Caress 1890
The Cup Of Tea (Portrait Of Lydia) 1879
The Letter 1890-1891
The Loge 1882
Toreador 1873
Two Children At The Seashore
Vase Of Lilacs (Lilacs In A Window) 1880
Woman And Child Driving 1881
Woman With A Red Zinnia 1891
Women Admiring A Child 1897
Young Girl Reading 1908
Young Mother Sewing 1902
Young Woman Reading 1876

Biography of Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt was an American born painter who lived and worked in France as an important member of the impressionist group. Cassatt was born in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania. In 1861 she began to study painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, but proclaimed her independence by leaving in 1866 to paint in France.

By 1872, after studying in the major museums of Europe, her style began to mature, and she settled in Paris. There her work attracted the attention of the French painter Edgar Degas, who invited her to exhibit with his fellow impressionists. One of the works she showed was The Cup of Tea (1879, Metropolitan Museum, New York City), a portrait of her sister Lydia in luminescent pinks. Beginning in 1882 Cassatt's style took a new turn. Influenced, like Degas, by Japanese woodcuts, she began to emphasize line over mass and experimented with asymmetric composition - as in The Boating Party (1893, National Gallery, Washington, D.C.) - and informal, natural gestures and positions. Portrayals of mothers and children in intimate relationship and domestic settings became her theme.

Her portraits were not commissioned; instead, she used members of her own family as subjects. France awarded Cassatt the Legion of Honor in 1904. Although she had been instrumental in advising the first American collectors of impressionist works, recognition came more slowly in the United States. With loss of sight she was no longer able to paint after 1914.

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