Rembrandt List of Oil Paintings

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A Bearded Man In A Beret 1657
A Girl With A Broom 1651
A Man Sharpening A Quill 1632
A Polish Nobleman 1637
A Scholar 1631
A Turk 1630 35
A Woman Holding A Pink 1656
A Young Girl Leaning On A Window Sill 1645
A Young Man Seated At A Table 1662 63
A Young Woman Trying On Earings 1657
Adoration Of The Shepherds 1646
Albert Cuyper 1632
An Artist In His Studio 1629
An Old Lady With A Book 1647
An Old Man In Red 1652 54
Aristotle Before The Bust Of Homer 1653
Artemisia 1634

Assuerus Detail Of Assuerus Haman And Esther 1660
Assuerus Haman And Esther 1660
Bathsheba With King Davids Letter 1654
Christ And The Woman Of Samaria 1659
Christ And The Woman Taken In Adultery 1644
Christ Drives Money Changers From The Temple 1626
Christ In The Storm On The Lake Of Galilee 1633
Cornelia Pronck Wife Of Albert Cuyper 1633
Danae 1636
David Playing The Harp Before Saul 1656
David Presenting The Head Of Goliath To King Saul Detail 1627
Departing Of David And Jonathan 1642
Descent From The Cross 1634
Doctor Nicolaes Tulps Demonstration Of The Anatomy Of The Arm 1632
Doctor Nicolaes Tulps Demonstration Of The Anatomy Of The Arm 2 1632
Esther Detail Of Assuerus Haman And Esther 1660
Esther Preparing To Iontercede With Assuerus 1633
Haman Begging Esther For Mercy 1655
Hendrickje Bathing In A River 1654
Hendrickje In Bed 1648
Holy Family 1640
Holy Family 1645
Homer 1663
Isaac And Rebecca (The Jewish Bride) 1666
Jacob Blessing The Sons Of Joseph 1656
Jeremias De Dekker 1666
Joseph Accused By Potiphars Wife 1655
Juno 1664-65
Landscape With A Castle 1632
Landscape With A Long Arched Bridge Late 1630s
Lucretia 1664
Lucretia 1666
Man In A Gold Helmet 1650
Minerva 1635
Moses Smashing The Tables Of The Law 1659
Old Rabbi 1642
Parable Of The Rich Man 1627
Paysage Dorage 1638
Peter Denying Christ 1628
Peter Denying Christ 1660
Philemon And Baucis 1658
Philosopher Meditating 1631
Philosopher Reading 1631
Pilgrims At Emmaus 1628-29
Portrait Of A Bearded Man In Black Beret 1654
Portrait Of A Family 1668
Portrait Of A Gentleman With A Tall Hat And Gloves 1660
Portrait Of A Lady With An Ostrich Fea Her Fan 1660
Portrait Of A Man In A Tall Hat 1662
Portrait Of A Man In An Oriental Costume 1635
Portrait Of A Man In The Hat Decorated With Pearls 1667
Portrait Of A Noble (Oriental) Man 1632
Portrait Of A Young Girl 1645
Portrait Of A Young Woman With The Fan 1632
Portrait Of Agatha Bas Wife Of Nicolas Van Bambeeck 1641
Portrait Of An Old Man (The Rabbi) 1664 65
Portrait Of An Old Man 1651
Portrait Of An Old Woman 1654
Portrait Of An Old Woman 1655
Portrait Of An Old Woman 1661
Portrait Of Baartjen Martens 1634-40
Portrait Of Hendrickje At Window 1656-57
Portrait Of Hendrickje Stoffels 1650
Portrait Of Jan Six 1654
Portrait Of Maria Trip 1639
Portrait Of Nicolas Bruyningh 1652
Portrait Of Rembrandts Brother Andrien Van Rijn 1654
Portrait Of Rembrandts Father 1631
Portrait Of Rembrandts Mother 1630
Portrait Of Saskia 1634
Portrait Of The Artists Mother 1629
Portrait Of Titus 1663
Portrait Of Titus Reading 1656-57
Portrait Of Titus The Artists Son
Rembrandts Mother As Biblical Prophetess Hannah 1631
Sacrifice Of Manoah 1641
Sacrifice Of Manoah Detail 1641
Samson Accusing His Father In Law 1635
Samson Betrayed By Delilah 1629 30
Samson Putting Forth His Riddles At The Wedding Feast 1638
Saskia As Flora 1634
Saskia As Flora 1635
Saskia At Her Toilet 1641
Saskia Van Uilenburgh The Wife Of The Artist 1633
Self Portrait 1629
Self Portrait 1629
Self Portrait 1634
Self Portrait 1640
Self Portrait 1650
Self Portrait 1656-58
Self Portrait 1658
Self Portrait 1659
Self Portrait 1661
Self Portrait 1668
Self Portrait 1669
Self Portrait 2 1668
Self Portrait As St Paul 1661
Self Portrait At The Easel 1660
Self Portrait Bareheaded 1633
Self Portrait With A Gold Chain 1633
Self Portrait With A Sketch Book 1657
Self Portrait With Velvet Beret And Furred Mantel 1634
Simeon With The Christ Child In The Temple 1666-69
Simon In Temple 1669
St Josephs Dream 1645
St Mathew And Angel 1661
St Paul In Prison 1627
Study of an Old Man
Susanna Surprised By The Elders 1647
The Abduction Of Ganymede 1635
The Abduction Of Proserpine 1631
The Angel Stopping Abraham From Sacrificing Isaac To God 1635
The Apostle Paul 1657
The Archangel Leaving The Family Of Tobias 1637
The Artists Son Titus At His Desk 1655
The Artists Wife Saskia 1643
The Ass Of Balaam Talking Before The Angel 1626
The Blinding Of Samson 1636
The Conspiracy Of Claudius (Or Julius) Civilis 1661
The Descent From The Cross 1633
The Descent From The Cross 1651
The Entombment 1639
The Entombment Of Christ 1636-39
The Feast Of Belshazzar 1635
The Head Of Christ 1655
The King Uzziah Stricken With Leprosy 1635
The Martyrdom Of St Stephen 1625
The Mennonite Minister Cornelius Claeszoon Anslo In Conversation With His Wife Aaltje 1641
The Mill 1650
The Night Watch (The Militia Company Of Captain Frans Banning Cocq And Of Lieutenant Willem Van Ruytenburgh) 1642
The Night Watch (The Militia Company Of Captain Frans Banning Cocq And Of Lieutenant Willem Van Ruytenburgh) Detail 1642
The Parable Of The Laborers In The Vineyard 1637
The Philosopher 1650
The Pilgrims At Emmaus
The Polish Rider 1655
The Presentation Of Jesus In The Temple 1627 28
The Presentation Of Jesus In The Temple 1631
The Prodigal Son In The Tavern (Rembrandt And Saskia) 1635
The Prophet Jeremiah Mourning Over The Destruction Of Jerusalem 1630
The Raising Of Lazarus 1630 31
The Raising Of The Cross 1633
The Resurrection Of Christ 1635-39
The Return Of The Prodigal Son 1668 69
The Shipbuilder Jan Rijcksen And His Wife Griet Jans 1633
The Slaughtered Ox 1638
The Supper At Emmaus 1648
The Syndics Of The Clothmakers Guild (The Staalmeesters) 1662
The Unity (Agreement) In The Country 1641
Titus 1658
Titus In A Monk Habit 1660
Tobias Returns Sight To His Father 1636
Tobit And Anna 1626
Tobit And Anna 1659 Private Collection
Tobits Wife With A Goat 1645
Two Negroes 1661
Two Scholars Disputing (Peter And Paul) 1628
Young Girl At The Window 1651

Biography of Rembrandt

Rembrandt was a Dutch baroque artist who ranks as one of the greatest painters in the history of Western art. His full name was Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, and he possessed a profound understanding of human nature that was matched by a brilliant technique- not only in painting but in drawing and etching- and his work made an enormous impact on his contemporaries and influenced the style of many later artists. Perhaps no painter has ever equaled Rembrandt's chiaroscuro effects or his bold impasto.

Born in Leiden on July 15, 1606, Rembrandt was the son of a miller. Despite the fact that he came from a family of relatively modest means, his parents took great care with his education. School did not interest him, and he soon left to study art - first with a local master, Jacob van Swanenburch, and then, in Amsterdam, with Pieter Lastman, known for his historical paintings. After six months, having mastered everything he had been taught, Rembrandt returned to Leiden, where he was soon so highly regarded that although barely 22 years old, he took his first pupils, among them Gerrit Dou.

Rembrandt moved to Amsterdam in 1631; his marriage in 1634 to Saskia van Uylenburgh, the cousin of a successful art dealer, enhanced his career, bringing him in contact with wealthy patrons who eagerly commissioned portraits. In addition, Rembrandt's mythological and religious works were much in demand, and he painted numerous dramatic masterpieces such as The Blinding of Samson.

Because of his renown as a teacher, his studio was filled with pupils, some of whom were already trained artists. In the 20th century, scholars have reattributed a number of his paintings to his associates; attributing and identifying Rembrandt's works is an active area of art scholarshipDespite Rembrandt's financial success as an artist, teacher, and art dealer, his penchant for ostentatious living forced him to declare bankruptcy in 1656. An inventory of his collection of art and antiquities, taken before an auction to pay his debts, showed the breadth of Rembrandt's interests: ancient sculpture, Flemish and Italian Renaissance paintings, Far Eastern art, contemporary Dutch works, weapons, and armor.

Unfortunately, the results of the auction - including the sale of his house - were disappointing. These problems in no way affected Rembrandt's work; if anything, his artistry increased. His personal life, however, continued to be marred by sorrow, for his beloved Hendrickje died in 1663, and his son, Titus, in 1668. Eleven months later, on October 4, 1669, Rembrandt died in Amsterdam.

Rembrandt may have created more than 600 paintings as well as an enormous number of drawings and etchings. Not every early portrayal, however, can be interpreted as objective representation, for these pictures frequently served as studies of various emotions, later to be incorporated into his biblical and historical paintings. The self-portraits also may have served to demonstrate his command of chiaroscuro; thus, it is difficult to tell what Rembrandt looked like from such a self-portrait as the one painted about 1628 (Rijksmuseum, on loan from the Daan Cevat Collection, England), in which deep shadows cover most of his face, barely revealing his features. On the other hand, in none of these youthful self-portraits did he attempt to disguise his homely features

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