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Landscape With The Chateau Of Auvers At Sunset 1890
Vincent Van Gogh
Oil Painting Reproduction
24 by 36 inches
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Biography of Vincent Van Gogh

How can a man who only sold one painting in his entire lifetime, and that only for 400 francs (about $100) just 4 months before his death, become thought of as one of the world's greatest painters. It was not until after his death by suicide at age 37, that the troubled soul was set free with his art for the world. Van Gogh's paintings today are among the most sought after and expensive paintings in the world. He was a genius, but would never receive the acclaim or popularity he deserved while he was alive. But to be fair, perhaps his greatness was based on his sadness, not in spite of it. Had he been great in his time, he perhaps would not have created the masterpieces later elevating him to the level of the most powerful art expressionist ever.

Van Gogh was born in Holland in 1853. He was the eldest of eight children. Even as a child, Van Gogh showed signs of the troubled soul he was later to become, walking around in a daze many times deep in thought. As a youth, he took many jobs finding success in none. He began studying the art of the masters. At one point he even became an art dealer. But like all his other endeavors, even this was to be shortlived. If a patron tried to purchase a poorly painted picture, Van Gogh would argue and give long discourses why the painting was a piece of junk. Of course, he sold little and soon was out of business. Later he tried, again unsuccessfully, to become at different periods of his life a minister and a teacher.

Not only was his occupational life not fruitful, so too was his personal life. Van Gogh never seemed to learn the social skills of dealing with women. He fell in love easily and then was later heartbroken just as easily. One of his greatest lost loves was that for his first cousin Kee. But it was this web of failure that also fueled his genius. Throughout his life, Van Gogh was supported financially by his younger brother Theo who seemed to show his brother unconditional love.

Although Van Gogh was never successful in his lifetime, he did meet and work with several of the great masters including Pissarros, Gauguin, and Signac. Van Gogh suffered from severe bouts of depression and had repeated mental breakdowns in his life. These episodes led to several stints in asylums, the longest coming in 1889 to 1890. Probably the most significant sign of his sad mental state was his infamous cutting off a large portion of one of his ears following a heated argument with fellow artist Gaugin. He then wrapped the ear in a newspaper and sent it to a prostitute model he had befriended.

No matter how disturbed Van Gogh was during his life, the greatness of his art cannot be denied. The detail and intricate use of color and texture in his work has given the world some of its most passionate creations of beauty and feeling. From his inner turmoil, he was able to convey in his view of the outside world, a connection to the inside world of his life and being.

Vincent Van Gogh took his life with a gunshot to his chest on July 20, 1890. Although considered one of the world's most successful artists, tragically he died feeling a failure.

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