British Artists

These famous British artists are just some of those in our art collection, so if you can’t find what you are looking for please use the search, or contact us and let us know – we’ll be happy to help.

British painters list

A list of British painters (either born in Britain or recognized as being British) includes:

  • William Hogarth
  • Joshua Reynolds
  • William Turner (Joseph Mallard William Turner) – Perhaps the most famous British artist is J.M.W. Turner, a true master given extra recent recognition by the film “Mr. Turner”. Turner’s “The Fighting Temeraire” is one of the most popular British paintings, along with “The Hay Wain” by Constable, which narrowly won a more recent vote in a national newspaper.

A Few of the Most Popular British Paintings

Wright of Derby, Joseph

Rydal Waterfall, Cumbria

Lely, Sir Peter

Anne Hyde Duchess of York

Manchester Art Gallery

A Greek Idyll

Turner, Joseph Mallord William

View over the Lake wt Stourhead

Watts, George Frederick

The Outcast – Goodwill

Lawrence, Sir Thomas

Portrait of a Lady

Gainsborough, Thomas

Landscape in Suffolk

Lawrence, Sir Thomas

Samuel Lysons 1

National Gallery of Victoria - Melbourne

Alfred Tennyson

Wright of Derby, Joseph

Edward Becher Leacroft of Wirksworth

Glasgow Museums Resource Centre

Distant View of London

Watts, George Frederick

The Genius of Greek Poetry

Watts, George Frederick


Lawrence, Sir Thomas

Lady Caroline Lamb (d.1828)

Abbott, Lemuel Francis

Admiral Earl St Vincent

Stubbs, George