German Artists

These famous German artists are just some of those in our art collection, so if you can’t find what you are looking for please use the search, or contact us and let us know – we’ll be happy to help. Germany has produced many famous artists, from Marc to Macke and beyond, so this list represents just a fraction of those.

German painters list

A list of German painters (either born in Germany or recognized as being German) includes:


A Few of the Most Popular German Paintings

Cranach, Lucas the Elder

Adam and Eve 1528

Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig

Two Nudes by a Tree

Abstract - Modern

The Yellow Cow 1911

Abstract - Modern

The Dream 1912

Friedrich, Caspar David

The Cross Beside The Baltic (1815)


The Storm (1911)

Gemaldegalerie - Berlin

Portrait of a Law Scholars Wife 1503

Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig


Marc, Franz

Grazing Horses 1910

Abstract - Modern

Dodo and Her Brother

Cranach, Lucas the Younger

Venus and Amor

Holbein, Younger Hans

King Edward VI

Marc, Franz

Children on a Boat

Cranach, Lucas the Elder

The Golden Age

Klee, Paul

Snail, 1924

Marc, Franz

Dead Deer 1913

Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig

The Street

Abstract - Modern

Saint Julian