German Artists

These famous German artists are just some of those in our art collection, so if you can’t find what you are looking for please use the search, or contact us and let us know – we’ll be happy to help. Germany has produced many famous artists, from Marc to Macke and beyond, so this list represents just a fraction of those.

German painters list

A list of German painters (either born in Germany or recognized as being German) includes:


A Few of the Most Popular German Paintings

Holbein, Younger Hans

Sir Thomas Wyatt

Klee, Paul

The Lamb

Marc, Franz

Snow Covered Wood

Marc, Franz

The White Dog

Liebermann, Max

Boys Bathing 1909

Liebermann, Max

The Hospice in Leyden

Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig

Der Belle Alliance Platz Berlin

Liebermann, Max

Heinrich Stahl

Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig

The Blue Tree Bergwald

Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig


Carus, Carl Gustav

The Goethe Monument

Kroller Muller Museum

Venus with Infant

Marc, Franz

Cats Red and White

Marc, Franz

Reed Stacks

Liebermann, Max

The Beach at Noordwijk

Friedrich, Caspar David

Cross in the Forest (1820)

Buildings & Architecture

Straue am Stadtpark Schoneberg