Thysen - Bornemisza

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Corinth, Lovis

Fashion Show

Macke, Auguste

Galloping Hussars 1913

Amorosi, Antonio Mercurio

Girl Sewing

Abstract - Modern

Grand Central Station 1915

Cropsey, Jasper Francis

Greenwood Lake 1870

Thysen - Bornemisza

Group Of Houses In Spring 1916

Richards, William Trost

Gull Rock Newport Rhode Island

Holbein, Younger Hans

Henry Vlll Of England 1534 1536

Thysen - Bornemisza

Horse by a Riverbank

Schiele, Egon

Houses by the River II

Macke, Auguste

Hussars on a Sortie

Sargent, John Singer

Ilex Wood Majorca

Kandinsky, Wassily

In The Bright Oval 1925

Robinson, Theodore

In the Garden

Chase, William Merritt

In the Park a By Path