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Knight, Daniel Ridgeway

A July Morning

Abstract - Modern

A Kitchen Interior

Fenyes, Adolf

A Lad and a Lass 1904

Bail, Franck Antoine

A Maid Watering Flowers

National Gallery London

A Man and a Child eating Grapes

Kilburne, George Goodwin

A meal stop at a coaching inn

Abstract - Modern

A Miner 1955

Luce, Maximilien

A Paris Street in May 1871

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence

A Pyrrhic Dance

Harris, Edwin

A Quiet Read

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence

A Reading From Homer

Animals & Wildlife

A Serious Predicament 1908

Millet, Jean-Francois

A Shepherdess And Her Flock

Moore, Albert

A Sofa 1875

Castan, Pierre Jean Edmond

A Son’s Devotion 1868

National Gallery London

A Stag Hunt in a Forest

Brown, John G

A Street Fair

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

A Street in Winter Evening 185

Buildings & Architecture

A Toast To Love

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel

A Vision of Fiammetta 1878

Lebasque, Henri

A walk by the sea