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Troyon, Constant

A Clump of Trees

Watts, George Frederick

A Lamplight Study: Herr Joachim

Remington, Frederic

A Mexican Vaquero

Mieris, Willem Van

A Mother Feeding Her Child

Peale, Rembrandt

Abigail Inskeep Bradford

Cranach, Lucas the Elder


Solimena, Francesco

Adam and Eve in Paradise

Raeburn, Sir Henry

Adam Rolland of Gask II

New Paintings

Adoration of the Magi

Chase, William Merritt


Dore, Gustave

Alpine Scene 1865

Sargent, John Singer

An Artist at His Easel

Codde, Pieter

An Elegant Company

Boudin, Eugene Louis

Approaching Storm

Boudin, Eugene Louis

Approaching Storm 1864

Magnasco, Alessandro

Arcadian Landscape

Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista

Armida Abandoned by Rinaldo