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Marquet, Albert


Abstract - Modern


Boudin, Eugene Louis

Beach with Fishing Boats

Moran, Thomas

Beverly N.J.

Cropsey, Jasper Francis

Blasted Tree

Manet, Edouard

Boy with a Pitcher

Goya, Francisco De

Boy with a Ram

Bernard, Emile

Breton Women

Degas, Edgar

Cafe Singer

Brabazon, Hercules


Guardi, Francesco

Capriccio: Ruined Archway

Glackens, William

Chez Mouquin

Bourdon, Sebastien

Christ Receiving the Children

Renoir, Pierre Auguste


Courbet, Gustave

Cliffs on the Sea Coast

Haseltine, William Stanley

Coast of Sorrento

MacKintosh, Charles Rennie


Phillips, Ammi

Cornelius Allerton

Gifford, Sanford Robinson

Cows in a Pond at Sunset