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Sandby, Paul

Study of an Ostler

Watts, George Frederick

Study of Gennaro, a Venetian Nobleman

Bonifacio, Veronese

The Adoration of the Shepherds

Poynter, Sir-Edward-John

The Bells of Saint Marks, Venice

Loutherbourg, Philippe-Jacques de

The Betrayal of Christ

Richmond, George

The Burial of the Virgin

New Paintings

The Dead Christ

Botticelli, Sandro

The Descent of the Holy Ghost

Hogarth, William

The Distressed Poet

Teniers, David The Younger

The Feast of Herod

Assereto, Giochino

The Guardian Angel

Smetham, James

The Many-Wintered Crow

Loutherbourg, Philippe-Jacques de

The Milkmaid

Lambert, George

The Mouth of an Estuary

New Paintings

The Music Lesson