Hoston Gallery of Fine Art

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Houston Gallery of Fine Art

A Pastoral Concert 1725

Kensett, John Frederick

A View of Mansfield Mountain 1849

Hartley, Marsden

Abstraction 1914

Piombo, Sebastiano Del

Anton Francesco degli Albizzi 1525

Henri, Robert

Antonio Baes 1908

Houston Gallery of Fine Art

Ariadne Abandoned by Theseus 1774

History Paintings

Bacchanal 1747

Heda, Willem Claesz

Banquet Piece with Ham 1656

Church, Frederic Edwin

Cotopaxi 1855

Bar, Bonaventure de

Fee Champere

Houston Gallery of Fine Art

Fight for the Water Hole 1903

Tanner, Henry Ossawa

Flight into Egypt 1921

Frieseke, Frederick Carl

Girl Reading 1903 1904

Cole, Thomas

Indian Pass 1847

Houston Gallery of Fine Art

Landscape at Le Pouldu 1890

Houston Gallery of Fine Art

Man with a Cane 1920

Chase, William Merritt

Mother and Child 1888

Sargent, John Singer

Mrs Joshua Montgomery Sears 1899

Reynolds Joshua

Mrs. Elisha Mathew 1777

Hennings, E Martin

Passing By 1924