Indianapolis Museum of Art

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Chase, William Merritt

Still Life with Hummingbird

Chase, William Merritt

Study of a Spanish Girl

Chase, William Merritt

Study of an Arab Girl

Cropsey, Jasper Francis

Summer, Lake Ontario

Steele, Theodore C

The Bloom of the Grape 1893

American Civil War Art

The Consecration 1861

Denis, Maurice

The Cow Girl

Romanelli, Giovanni Francesco

The Finding of Moses

Bourdelle, Emile-Antoine

The Lament of the Centauress

Steele, Theodore C

The Oaks of Vernon 1887

Inness, George

The Rainbow

Frieseke, Frederick Carl

The Robe

Bloemaert, Abraham

Vertumnus and Pomona

Corot, Jean Baptiste Camille