Kunsthalle Bremen

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Liebermann, Max

Adele Wolde

Marc, Franz

Children on a Boat

Rysselberghe, Theo Van

Lady in a Veil

Corot, Jean Baptiste Camille


New Paintings

Landscape with Figure

Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child

Corinth, Lovis


Corinth, Lovis

Reclining Nude

Friedrich, Caspar David

Rocky Valley

Redon, Odilon


Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig

Schlafende Milly

Stoskopff, Sebastien

Still Life with Large Carp

Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig

Street Scene at Night

Monet, Claude

The Boats

Munch, Edvard

The Dead Mother

Eeckhout, Gerbrand van Den

The Triumph of Mordecai

Cranach, Lucas the Elder

Trinity 1515 1518