McLean Museum and Art Gallery

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Mackenzie, James Hamilton

A Pastoral

Melville, Arthur

A Spanish Bullfight

Orpen, Sir William Newenham Montague

Afternoon Sleep

Reid, John Robertson

Holy Isle from Whiting Bay

Bonnar, William

John Caird

Hardie, Charles Martin


New Paintings

Le goûter

Corot, Jean Baptiste Camille

Le soir – La danse des nymphes

Hardie, Charles Martin

Portrait of a Woman

McCulloch, Horatio

The Clyde near Dumbarton

Lavery, Sir John

The Downs, Epsom, 1922

Kay, Archibald

The Quarry, Furnace

Francis Henry Newbery

To the Shore

Courbet, Gustave

Winter at Ornans