Minneapolis Institute Of Arts

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Daubigny, Charles Francois

A Pond in Morvan

Ruisdael, Jacob Van

Castle and Watermill by a River

Cropsey, Jasper Francis

Catskill Mountain House

Scheffer, Ary

Christus Consolator

Wright of Derby, Joseph

Cottage on Fire

New Paintings

Dans le brouillard

Haarlem, Cornelis Cornelisz Van

Diana as Goddess of the Hunt

Michallon, Achille Etna

Fallen Branch

Beyeren, Abraham van

Flowers in a Vase on a Ledge

Dupre, Jules

Fontainebleau Oaks

Prendergast, Maurice B


New Paintings

Holy Family

Dupre, Jules


Daubigny, Charles Francois

Landscape near Crémieu

Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig

Moderne Boheme

Angelico, Fra


Blake, William


Caillebotte, Gustave

Nude on a Couch

Denis, Maurice

Orpheus and Eurydice

Lorrain, Claude

Pastoral Landscape

Helst, Bartholomeus Van Der

Portrait of a Burgomaster

Cranach, Lucas the Elder

Portrait of Anna Buchner