Museo Nacional del Prado

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16th and 17th Century European Paintings

The Three Graces

Baldung, Grien Hans

The Three Graces 1540

Museo Del Prado

The Torre del Oro

Museo Del Prado

The Triumph of David

Herrera, Francisco the Younger

The Triumph of St Hermengild

Poussin, Nicolas

The Victorious David 1627

Museo Del Prado

The Virgin and Child

Flemal, Bertholet

The Virgin and St. Anne

Museo Del Prado

The Virgin of the Milk

Collantes, Francisco

The Vision of St Ezechiel 1630

Bouts, Dieric the Elder

The Visitation 1445

Goya, Francisco De

The Water Carriers

Goya, Francisco De

Tobias and the Angel

Teniers, David The Younger

Twelfth Night The King Drinks 1634-40

Museo Del Prado

Twelth Night

Goya, Francisco De

Two Dogs on a Leash

Goya, Francisco De

Two Old People Eating

Bermejo y Sobera, Jose

Un ciudadano más

Camprobin, Pedro de

Vase of Flowers

Museo Del Prado

Venus And Adonis

Museo Del Prado

Venus And Adonis 1553-54