Nationalmuseum Stockholm

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Ehrenstrahl, David Klocker

The Horse Called Brandklipparen

Watteau, Jean Antoine

The Italian Serenade

Hill, Carl Fredrik

The Last Human Beings

Animals & Wildlife

The Lion and the Spider

Salmson, Hugo Federick

The Little Gleaner

Wertmuller, Adolph Ulrich

The Medal Engraver Lars Grandel

Hillestrom, Pehr

The Milliner

Haarlem, Cornelis Cornelisz Van

The Mirror of Time

Krohg, Christian

The Model

Chardin, Jean Baptiste Simeon

The Morning Toilet

Jernberg, August

The New Pipe

Brate, Fanny

The Old Blind Woman

New Paintings

The Painters Sister

Bartholin, La Cour Janus Andreas

The Path

New Paintings

The Pawn Shop

New Paintings

The Pawn Shop

Hillestrom, Pehr

The Pedlar

Josephson, Ernst

The Postmaster of Brehat

Francken, Frans

The Rich Man and Lazarus

Rydberg, Gustaf

The Shore at Ringsjön

National Museum in Stockholm

The Siege of Magdeburg

Larsson, Carl

The Studio

Larsson, Carl

The Studio