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Blakelock, Ralph Albert

A Mountain Stream

Johnson, Eastman

Child with a Rabbit

New Paintings

Coney Island

Bellows, George

Jewel Coast, California

Bertin, Jean Victor


Ruisdael, Jacob Van

Landscape with Waterfall

Cornoyer, Paul

Paris Street Scene

Reynolds Joshua

Portrait of Miss Franks

Lawrence, Sir Thomas

Portrait of Sir Samuel Shepherd

Jacque, Charles Emile

Return of the Flock

Birch, Thomas

St. Eustatia

Foppens van Es, Jacob

Still Life

Bierstadt, Albert

Storm on the Matterhorn

Lefebvre, Jules Joseph

Study for Chloé

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence

The Convalescent

Peyron, Pierre

The Death of Socrates

Boudin, Eugene Louis

The Grand Canal

New Paintings

The Necklace

Meissonier, Jean Louis Ernest

The Print Collector

Cazin, Jean Charles

The Rainbow

Loutherbourg, Philippe-Jacques de

The Smugglers Return