The Frick Collection New York

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Frick Collection

Charlotte Lady Milnes

Nattier, Jean-Marc

Elizabeth Countess of Warwick

Stuart, Gilbert

George Washington 1795

16th and 17th Century European Paintings

Margareta Snyders 1620

Hogarth, William

Mary Edwards 1742

Frick Collection

Miss Mary Finch Hatton

Lawrence, Sir Thomas

Mrs Robert later Lady Peel

David, Jacques-Louis

Portrait Of Countess Daru 1810

Holbein, Younger Hans

Portrait Of Sir Thomas More 1527

Whistler, James Abbott McNeill

Symphony In Gray And Green The Ocean 1866

Fragonard, Jean-Honore

The Confession Of Love 1771

La Tour, Georges De

The Education of the Virgin

Gay, Walter

The Fragonard Room

Gay, Walter

The Living Hell

Frick Collection

The Mall 1783

Chardin, Jean Baptiste Simeon

The Serinette

Constable, John

The White Horse 1819