Wolverhampton Art Gallery

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Keeling, William Knight

A Boy Selling Fruit

Muller, William James

A Lowering Day in Winter

Keeling, William Knight

A Scene from Shakespeare

Collins, William

At the Cottage Gate

Phillip, John

At the Opera

Webb, James


Animals & Wildlife

Cattle and Sheep

Collins, William

Children Gathering Seaweed

Pettie, John

Cleaned Out

Whaite, Henry Clarence

Coast Scene

Herring, John Frederick Snr

Cottage Door and Farmstead

King, Henry John Yeend


Stark, Arthur James

Cows at a Watering Place

Lucas, John Seymour

Down to the Dregs’

Wright of Derby, Joseph

Erasmus Darwin

Wilson, Richard

Falls of Niagara

Provis, Alfred

Feeding Time

Bonington, Richard Parkes

Fort Rouge

Herbert, John Rogers


Bonington, Richard Parkes

French Coast Scene