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Sargent, John Singer

A Backwater at Wargrave 1887

Met Museum of Art

A Bird’s Eye View 1889

Bischoff, Franz

A California Woodland

Ruisdael, Jacob Van

A Castle on a Hill by a River

Church, Frederic Edwin

A Country Home 1854

Nordic Landscapes

A Danish Coast 1842 3

Fuechsel, Hermann

A Dream of New England

National Gallery Washington

A Farm in the Sunlight, 1668

Herring, Jnr John Frederick

A Farmstead

Corot, Jean Baptiste Camille

A Farmyard near Fontainebleau 1828-1830

Diaz, De La Pena Narcisse Virgile

A Figure and a Dog by a Pool in a Woodland Clearing


A Forest Glade

Gifford, Sanford Robinson

A Forest Road 1860

Cozens, John Robert

A Grotto in the Campagna

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

A Heath