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On our site you can learn about how you can become the owner of genuine oil on canvas works of art, lovingly painted by a real artist to your exact specifications. In the same way kings, queens and presidents used to commission portrait paintings in days gone by, you too can appoint one of our artists to create the painting of your dreams.

Art Nouveau

The Kiss 1907-08

Alten, Mathias J



Steinlen, Theophile Alexandre

The Kiss


Hayez, Francesco

The Kiss


Fry, Roger

Flowers in a Vase

Kadar, Bela


I was in tears at how beautiful it was…..a fantastic job

so so sorry it took me so long to get back to you….I am more than pleased with the rendition that Howard painted….I was in tears at how beautiful it was…..a fantastic job….and it was here in 3 days , which was unbelievable…..I also have to tell you that the person I gave it to as a gift was blown away…..In the first place she was expecting a pringt….so when she saw the painting she nearly fainted…..Thank you so so much for the wonderful quality of the product and the fast ,compassionate responses…..I have recommended this site to many friends…and hope to use it again myself……Once again we are more than pleased…..Thanks so much for everything and for including the card with signature…… Sincerely…



Dan, I received the painting and am impressed and delighted. And so is everyone who has seen it. Many thanks for your fine work. I hope we can do business again in the future. Yours, John


Thanks for the pictures, so many thanks for doing those revisions. The glass looks good and yes that’s exactly what I was looking for. So as mentioned before, with the revisions done, I’m very happy with the painting and consider it finished to my complete satisfaction. I now very much look forward to receiving it. It’s a gift for some friends and judging from the images that I’ve seen it will be a great pleasure to give it to them. I’d like to say a personal thank-you to both you and the painter for your complete professionalism and openness to my requests and comments. The process has been quite a joy for me. Please, again give my thanks and compliments to the painter. Feel free to email me if you require any further information for shipping etc. All the best, – N.C.