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Our artists are the best in the business, and have created oil painting reproductions for clients that include the rich and famous, major real estate developers, hotels, restaurants, museums, internationally renowned interior designers, and, most importantly, individual art lovers worldwide!

On our site you can learn about how you can become the owner of genuine oil on canvas works of art, lovingly painted by a real artist to your exact specifications. In the same way kings, queens and presidents used to commission portrait paintings in days gone by, you too can appoint one of our artists to create the painting of your dreams.


Academic Classicism

Harem Pool


Hayez, Francesco

The Kiss


Famous Nudes


Auque, Enrique Serra Y

The Orange Seller


Flaming June

Bouguereau, William

Two Sisters (Deux Soeurs)

Abstract - Modern

Almond Blossoms 1890




Dear Dan, I received the painting and am very impressed with the results. I thought that I should send you a little note to thank you for the way this whole transaction was handled by Oceans Bridge. I am usually very skeptical about doing business with internet companies, based on previous experiences, however your company has restored my faith that they are internet companies out there that do provide the service that they advertise. I will surly use your company again and also recommend you to my friends and clients. Thanks Again Danish


Hi Dan, The painting arrived. It is absolutely amazing – an exact duplicate. I’m very impressed! Your artist is great and very talented – please let them know I truly appreciate the skill and dedication they put into my painting. It means alot to me. I can’t wait to get it framed and hung on my wall. Thanks again – it’s been a pleasure. Melissa