Extra Large Oversized Paintings

We are able to create very large oversized paintings, and have done some huge pieces for churches, building lobbies, hotels, homes, and even a European castle.

We should clarify, though – for us, a 40 by 60 inch or 72 by 48 inch isn’t something we would call “oversized art” – rather, these are in fact some of the standard sizes we offer and are no problem at all to paint. Pretty much any painting on our site is available in those sizes (and larger) as we are not limited by printing technology or image resolution – the artwork is created by a real artist, by hand, so the limit is usually the available wall space!

This applies to custom created art too. If you have an image you’d like us to work from, but want it as an oversized painting, just let us know.

Starry Night 1889 by Vincent Van Gogh

Original size: 36.25 by 29 inches

Our larger sizes offered:

60 inches wide by 47 inches high
72 inches wide by 57 inches high

Large Starry Night painting

Girl with a pearl earring by Johannes Vermeer

Large Girl With A Pearl Earring Painting

Original size: 44.5 cm by 39 cm (17.5 inches by 15 inches).

Some of our larger standard sizes:

48 inches wide by 59 inches high
60 inches wide by 73 inches high
72 inches wide by 88 inches high

Every individual painting page will offer these larger sizes, but if you want a size not listed, just let us know and we’ll set it up.

Extra Large Art

Some examples of just how big we can make the oversized paintings

How big of a painting can you make

Huge oversized painting for a church refurbishment

Painting a large multi piece painting

15 foot wide multi-canvas reproduction for installation in a private home

Roses all around the room

20 by 6’6” oversized floral painting for a wedding chapel in Holland

Dan touching up a painting

Artist working on a XL oversized painting

Looking out the window or large painting

Oversized Paintings – Any painting – Any size!!!

very very large painting

Working on a very large oversized painting in our studio

Is there any limit?

There are two limiting factors.

The first is the size of the shipping tube once the painting is completed. Couriers won’t usually accept anything larger than 9’9” in size, so the SMALLER dimension of the painting has to be that size or smaller. So in the case of the floral painting we were able to use a single piece of canvas measuring 20 feet by 6’6”, and send it rolled in a special tube for mounting at the customer’s location.

If the total size of the oversized painting is outside of 9’9” on both sides (height and width) we can paint on separate canvases for the painting to be “re-assembled” once received by the client. These very large pieces tend to be murals, affixed directly to the wall, so this isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Or, we can arrange for shipping by a special freight company rather than the FedEx / UPS type couriers. Just ask us if you have any questions or concerns about your painting.

The second limit is the size of canvas we are able to get. Our current supplier offers canvas of a maximum width of 3 meters / 9’9” for a single piece of canvas. When the total painting size is going to exceed this we can do the painting on several pieces of canvas, as outlined above.

We may be able to source canvas larger than this, so let us know if your project requires something even larger!