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Our artists are the best in the business, and have created oil painting reproductions for clients that include the rich and famous, major real estate developers, hotels, restaurants, museums, internationally renowned interior designers, and, most importantly, individual art lovers worldwide!

On our site you can learn about how you can become the owner of genuine oil on canvas works of art, lovingly painted by a real artist to your exact specifications. In the same way kings, queens and presidents used to commission portrait paintings in days gone by, you too can appoint one of our artists to create the painting of your dreams.


Steinlen, Theophile Alexandre

The Kiss

Spitzweg, Carl

The Bookworm

Glackens, William

Miss Olga D

Farny, Henry

Indian Brave 1891

I am with tears of joy… yes, this version is what captured my heart. Thank you, and your gifted artist. It’s absolutely perfect the way it is, and I’m anxious to have it near me before any mix-up could occur. Please send it to me. As I mentioned before, it does not need to be framed. Thank you, Joel. It all means more to me than you could know… Sincerely, – K.T.

Thank you so much for the pictures – I am completely enchanted with the painting exactly as is! It is just lovely and has caught the mood of the original wonderfully. I look forward to receiving it and hanging it in my writing area where it’s sense of quiet and timeless appreciation of the moment can inspire me. Best regards to you, Dan! Addie

Hi Dan, how are you? I hope fine. Happy New Year 2012 !!! January the 3rd, I received the oil painting on canvas “THE ANNUNCIATION”, Artist LEONARDO DA VINCI. It is simply wonderful! 100% faithful reproduction of the original. I’m absolutely satisfied!!! As an attachment of this email, I’m sending to you my painting’s high resolution photo, framed and set in my bedroom. I’d like you should add the photo in your website’s “The Happy Gallery”, to share this wonderful oil painting with other customers. You start by saying that very, very, very soon I will buy another painting. Thanks for the very beautiful work, have a nice day and…see you soon! Kind regards. Luigi