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Dan, We got the painting and you may recall that it was the last in a series of four by Thomas Cole. They are now all framed and hanging on the wall. We couldn’t be happier with how all four came out! Please convey our deepest thanks and pleasure to the artist. We very much appreciate the skill of the artist as well as your company’s commitment to working with the customer to their complete satisfaction. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we will certainly recommend you highly to all of our friends as we show off our lovely reproductions. Since we had inadvertently ordered one of the paintings in the set in a slightly different size than the other three, we may be ordering that particular painting again in the size to match the other three before too long. At present, we love it so much we aren’t ready to have it replaced (not sure if the artist can do it again precisely the same). Thanks again for the excellent experience, Claire (and Pat) Dant

Dear Dan, The picture arrived today. It looks fantastic!!. I took it to a place to put it in a canvas, I can wait to have it at the wall. My complements to the artist. My husband will write you sortly with his thoughts, he loves the picture. Thank you so much again, you been so helpfull during the whole transaction. Kind Regards Maria

It looks incredible! I can’t imagine anything I would change. Thanks very much. I am sure I will be ordering with you again. I am impressed. -S.G