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Our artists are the best in the business, and have created oil painting reproductions for clients that include the rich and famous, major real estate developers, hotels, restaurants, museums, internationally renowned interior designers, and, most importantly, individual art lovers worldwide!

On our site you can learn about how you can become the owner of genuine oil on canvas works of art, lovingly painted by a real artist to your exact specifications. In the same way kings, queens and presidents used to commission portrait paintings in days gone by, you too can appoint one of our artists to create the painting of your dreams.

Sargent, John Singer

The Blue Bowl

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Stag Night At Sharkeys 1909

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Two Foxes 1923

Klimt, Gustav


Spitzweg, Carl

The Bookworm

I have received it this morning and it is beautiful. I will not see my sister until Saturday now, but I hope she will be as pleased as I am. Anita W.

Hi James That’s brilliant, thank you. Regards Malcolm.

Hi Dan / Cory, I hope you remember me. I ordered a painting from you in early December and received it just before Christmas. The details of the painting are still found below. The painting is “AMAZING” !!! So much so, that I would like to order 2 more of the same painting. Thank You Sincerely, Michael