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Theriat, Charles James

A Beauty By A River

Brozik, Wenceslas Vacslav

A Bishop

Tuke, Henry Scott

A boy with an oar

Lawrence, Sir Thomas

A Child

Henner, Jean Jacques

A Child of Bernwiller

Lavery, Sir John

A French Girl

Chinnery, George

A Geisha Girl

Edelfelt, Albert

A Girl Knitting Socks

Murillo, Bartolome Esteban

A Girl With Fruits The Pushkin

Hunt, William Holman

A Lady in an Interior

Zabala, Eduardo Zamacois y

A Lady With A Fan

Avigdor, René

A Little Blonde Lady

Russian Impressionists

A Native of Yekaterinburgb 1957

Harlamoff, Alexei Alexeivich

A Peasant Girl on a Footbridge

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

A Philosopher

Danloux, Henri Pierre

A Portrait Of a Master Gardener

Sargent, John Singer

A Portrait of Cicely Horner

Jacquet, Gustave

A Rare Beauty