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Animals & Wildlife

A Random Shot

New Paintings

Autumn near Hemmell

Turner, Joseph Mallord William

Bridport, Dorsetshire

Herkomer, Sir Hubert Von

Colonel Oliver Ormerod Walker

Provis, Alfred

Cottage Interior

Poole, Paul Falconer

Crossing the Brook

Herbert, John Rogers

Crusaders Wife

Armfield, George

Dogs and Wild Duck

Schelfhout, Andreas

Figures on a Frozen River

New Paintings


Watson, Harry

Girl in a Tree

Poole, Paul Falconer

Going to the Spring

New Paintings


Bough, Samuel


Swan, Cuthbert Edmund

Leopard Cubs

Herring, John Frederick Snr

Return from the Hunt

New Paintings


Shackleton, William

Shrimpers at Night

Muller, William James

Slave Market, Cairo

Armfield, George

Study of Dogs

New Paintings


New Paintings

Taking Fathers Dinner

Collins, William

The Cherry Seller

Mulready, William

The First Voyage