Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

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Shayer, Snr William

A Gypsies Encampment

Goodwin, Albert


Baxter, Charles

An English Rose

Ranken, William Bruce Ellis

Conversation Piece, Madeira

Ostade, Adriaen van

Dutch Merrymaking

Muller, William James

Evening on the River

Herring, John Frederick Snr


Wingfield, James Digman

Hampton Court, the Fountain

Shayer, Snr William


Wells, Henry Tanworth

Judge James Stansfield

Lessore, Therese

Kensington Gardens

Ranken, William Bruce Ellis

Lady in Brown

Crome, John


Collins, William

Landscape with Cattle

Morgan, John


Fry, Roger


Shayer, Snr William

Returning from Market

Stone, Marcus

Silent Pleading

Poole, Paul Falconer

The Covenanters

King, Henry John Yeend

The Drinking Pool

Johnston, Alexander

The Gentle Shepherd

New Paintings

The Gypsy

Carracci, Annibale

The Infant Hercules

Mulready, William

The Organ Grinder