Corcoran Gallery of Art

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Alma-Tadema, Lawrence

A Difficult Line from Horace

Boldini, Giovanni

After the Bath

Chase, William Merritt

An English Cod

Laszlo, Philip Alexius de

An Indian Prince

Hassam, Frederick Childe

At the Grand Prix in Paris

Weir, Julian Alden

Autumn on the River

Bellows, George

Forty Two Kids

Stuart, Gilbert

George Washington 1803

Glackens, William

In the Luxembourg Gardens

Hassam, Frederick Childe

Mt. Hood (Oregon)

Sargent, John Singer

Ponte Panada Fondamenta Nuove

Bjorck, Oscar Gustaf

Roman Blacksmiths

Chase, William Merritt

Still LIfe with Samovar

Fortuny y Marsal, Mariano

The Choice of a Model

Redfield, Edward Willis

The Mill in Winter

Chase, William Merritt

The Model

Buildings & Architecture

The Old Westover House

Benson, Frank W

The Open Window

Spencer, Robert

The Red Boat

Decamp, Joseph

The Seamstress 1916


The Waterfall

New Paintings

Thomas Corcoran

Moran, Thomas

View of Venice