National Gallery Of Scotland

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Melville, Arthur

A Cabbage Garden

Walton, Edward Arthur

A Daydream

Guthrie, James

A Hind’s Daughter

Duncan, John

Angus Og 1908

Henry, George

Barr Ayshire

Walton, Edward Arthur


Orpen, Sir William Newenham Montague

David Beatty 1st Earl Beatty

Constable, John

Dedham Vale 1828

Wilkie, Sir David

Distraining For Rent 1815

Hooch, Pieter De

Drinkers in the Bower 1658

Lawrence, Sir Thomas

Lady Robert Manners

Lawrence, Sir Thomas

Lady Robert Manners Detail

Guthrie, James

Miss Helen Sowerby

Haarlem, Cornelis Cornelisz Van

Nude Figure Studies

Crawhall, Joseph

Oxen Ploughing Tangier

Guthrie, James


Pittoni, Giambattista

St Jerome and Peter of Alcantara

Vuillard, Edouard

The Chat