Nationalmuseum Stockholm

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Krafft the Elder, Per

A Boy Reading

Forsberg, Nils

A Communard

Pater, Jean Baptiste Joseph

A Company Bather in a Park

Wallander, Josef Wilhelm

A Cottage Interior. Study

Wahlberg, Alfred

A Country Church. Study

Jernberg, August

A Dancing Bear

Osterlind, Allan

A Death-Bed in Brittany

New Paintings

A Fairy Shepherd

Hagborg, August Wilhelm Nikolaus

A Fishergirl from the North of France. Study

Liljefors, Bruno

A Fox Family

Cederstrom, Gustaf

A Funeral in Alsike

Pauli, Georg

A Garden in Grez

Birger, Hugo

A Gipsy

Zoll, Kilian Christoffer

A Girl Carding

Sager-Nelson, Olof

A Girls Head

Sager-Nelson, Olof

A Girls Head

Berchem, Nicolaes

A Harbour Scene

van Mytens Senior, Peter Martin

A Lady Playing the Harp

Zorn, Anders

A Musical Family

La Tarte, Paul

A Musical Party

Trevisani, Francesco

A Nun

Horemans II, Jan Jozef

A Painters Studio