Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery

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Pickard, Louise

A Gloucestershire Village

Shayer, Snr William

A Gypsy Encampment

New Paintings

A Lady with a Guitar

Mulready, William

A Rustic Youth

Whaite, Henry Clarence

A Welsh Funeral

Blache, Christian

Cape North, Iceland

Ranken, William Bruce Ellis


Hawksley, Arthur

Driving up to Milk

Gogin, Charles

Groombridge Hall, Kent

Hook, James Clarke

Hearts of Oak

Ranken, William Bruce Ellis

Hibiscus Flower

Shackleton, William

Highland Raiders

Herring, John Frederick Snr

Horses in a Paddock

Stone, Marcus

In Love

Gogin, Charles


Herbert, John Rogers

Lear and Cordelia

Gogin, Charles


Shalders, George

Near Haslemere, Surrey

Camden Town Group

Notes Ambrosianae

Walker, John Rawson

Nottingham Castle