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Johnson, Eastman

Back from the Orchard

Eilshemius, Louis M

By the Waterfall

Davis, Charles Harold

Call of the West Wind

Eilshemius, Louis M

In the Catskill

Magnasco, Alessandro

Landscape with Washerwomen

Eilshemius, Louis M

Landscapes with Nudes

Wood, James Longacre

Mumble the Peg

Melchers, Gary

My Garden

Modigliani, Amedeo

Nude with Coral Necklace

Sweerts, Michiel


Jacque, Charles Emile

Sheep at the Entrance to a Forest

Haven, Franklin de

Silvery Waters

Gaulli, Giovanni Battista

The Death of Adonis

Kensett, John Frederick

The Temple of Neptune, Paestum

Hogarth, William

Theodore Jacobsen Esq.

Eilshemius, Louis M

Two Bathers