Private Collection

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Klee, Paul

17 Astray, 1923

Rose, Guy Orlando

17 Mile Drive

Requested Paintings

18 x 24 inch painting for Lee


Academic Classicism

1841 by A.V.Tyranov

Bogolubov, Alexey Petrovich

1850 Enbankment of Constantinople

Carrick, John Mulcaster

1854 to 1878 The Recruiting

Bridgeman, Frederick Arthur

1896 Cleopatra on the terraces of Philae

Klee, Paul


Glackens, William

29 Washington Square

Boileau, Francis Campbell

30 Regent Terrace

Ferenczy, Karoly


Borsos, Jozsef


Buildings & Architecture

57th Street at Fifth Avenue

Fowler, Carlton

5th Avenue at Twilight


5th Avenue in Winter


5th Avenue Midtown


Witsen, Willam Arnold

A ?arriage at Waterloo Bridge

Carlsen, Emil

A Afternoon Sunlight

Garate y Clavero, Juan Jose

A Bacchanal

Famous Nudes

A Bacchante