Thyssen Bornemisza Museum

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Chase, William Merritt

A Girl in Japanese Gown

Abstract - Modern


Jawlensky, Alexei

Child with Doll

Rysselberghe, Theo Van

Entrance to Volendam Harbour

Richards, William Trost

Gull Rock Newport Rhode Island

Sargent, John Singer

Ilex Wood Majorca

Chase, William Merritt

In the Park a By Path

Nattier, Jean-Marc

Madame Bouret as Diana

Rysselberghe, Theo Van

Mansour El Hay Gate Meknes

Thompson, Jerome B


Schiele, Egon

Poldi Lodzinsky

Thysen - Bornemisza

Silver Chalice with Roses

Chase, William Merritt

Still Life with Fish

Sorolla, Joaquin y Bastida

The Breakwater at San Sebastian

Denis, Maurice

The Crown of Daisies

Marc, Franz

The Dream

Ranney, William Tylee

The Scouting Party

Mount, William Sidney

The Stone Bridge 1843

Peto, John Frederick

Toms River

Moran, Thomas

Windsor Castle