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Watts, George Frederick

A Villain, Ill Be Bound

Hinchcliffe, Richard George

A Water Nymph

Guardi, Francesco


Unknown Artists

Adventures of Odysseus

Stott-of-Oldham, William

Alps by Night

Watts, Frederick Waters

An English River

Gilchrist, Philip Thomson

An Iron Barque

New Paintings

Angel Fresco

Watts, George Frederick

Arion Saved by the Dolphin

Stevens, Alfred


Webb, James

Bamburgh Castle

Lessore, Therese


Wilkie, Sir David

Bathsheba at the Bath

Maitland, Paul Fordyce

Battersea Reach

Huggins, William

Bebington Church

Lear, Edward


Herring, John Frederick Snr


Animals & Wildlife

Black Arrow

Wyllie, William Lionel

Blessing the Sea

Mackenzie, James Hamilton

Bolton Castle

New Paintings

Bord du Loing