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Met Museum of Art

1807 Friedland (ca 1861-75)

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence

1836-1912 A Roman Scribe

Carrick, John Mulcaster

1854 to 1878 The Recruiting

Bridgeman, Frederick Arthur

1896 Cleopatra on the terraces of Philae

Abstract - Modern

1919 Anxiety 1934

Henry, Edward Lamson

A Chat after Meeting

Chardin, Jean Baptiste Simeon

A Chemist in his Laborator

Edelfelt, Albert

A Childs Funeral

National Gallery London

A Company of Amsterdam Militiamen

National Gallery Washington

A Concert, c. 1518-1520

Academic Classicism

A Cup of Coffee

Andreotti, Federico

A Days Outing

Kilburne, George Goodwin

A domestic reprimand

Chase, William Merritt

A Friendly Call, 1895

Homer, Winslow

A Game of Croquet 1866

Meissonier, Jean Louis Ernest

A Game of Piquet

Gotch, Thomas Cooper

A Golden Dream

Blum, Robert Frederick

A Gossiping Place in Venice

Abstract - Modern

A Gypsy

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence

A Hearty Welcome

Fitzwilliam Museum

A hermit