Cool Paintings

“Cool” has different interpretations to different people. For this collection we’ve put together a selection of cool paintings (in our opinion!) that should be a good starting point.

Wall décor ideas cover a huge range of options but we’ve tried to break it down into colorful art, iconic paintings, abstract wall art, and even funny artwork. (One example of this is a piece we did for a museum in Amsterdam a few years ago…the 19th century painting of the guy blowing smoke at his dog made me giggle, and one look should let you guess the theme of the Dutch museum!).

When choosing wall art there are a couple of things worth remembering.

First, and foremost, BE YOU. Choose art that talks to you. Maybe it’s an iconic painting that you have always liked, or perhaps it’s something whimsical that reflects your mood. Maybe you think it will work well in the space you intend to hang it, with the right colors and themes.

Secondly, bear in mind size – occasionally a large piece will dominate a room, for better or worse. But if you have a large empty wall that needs a little something, don’t worry – we can paint in VERY big sizes!


Oversize art is a specialty of ours.

Thirdly, color. If you room has a specific color or theme, you might want to choose a work of art that matches or enhances that. Or, not – some experts believe that wall art should be a chance to break those rules, and have a little fun to contrast with the rest of the space. Like we said, at the end of the day it’s personal, so hopefully the collection below gets you started.

Remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for, or need advice on what painting might work, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Colorful and Abstract

The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt is colorful, iconic, and a great work of art to have in your home. Oil paint on canvas with gold and silver leaf highlights make this an outstanding painting in more ways than one.

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The Kiss 1907-08 | Gustav Klimt | Oil Painting
Flowers 1994 | Fernando Botero | oil painting

Flowers” – Light-hearted, fun, and colorful all at the same time, this is based on the original by the wonderful Fernando Botero and is a still life with a difference.

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Another iconic painting “San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight” and one of the world’s most famous (thanks in part to the 1999 movie “The Thomas Crown Affair”), this gorgeous Claude Monet painting adds a lovely warm color and splash of Venetian magic to any home.

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San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight 1908 | Claude Monet | Oil Painting

Wassily Kandinsky was an artistic giant of the 19th and 20th centuries. In his own words, “colour is a means of exerting direct influence on the soul” and we think this small group of paintings proves him right.

A selection of his work has been chosen for this cool painting collection, as these really do draw the eye, but there are many more in our Wassily Kandinsky collection.

composition VIII 1923 | Wassily Kandinsky | oil painting

composition VIII 1923

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Transverse Lines | Wassily Kandinsky | oil painting

Transverse Lines

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Alexei Jawlensky’s “Abstract Head” is a striking and colorful abstract piece, available, as always, in a range of sizes and completely customizable. Want different colors? Let us know!

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Abstract Head | Alexei Jawlensky | oil painting
Blue Horse I 1911 | Franz Marc | oil painting

Franz Marc remains popular, and the Blue Horse painting shows why – he was a true master. This cool painting is a conversation starter.

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I mentioned this piece above, but the original was painted by no other than Jean Leon Gerome, a pioneer in the “Academicism” style and perhaps best known for his Oriental work. His attention to detail and sheer talent means only our best artists are used to reproduce his paintings – they take time, are tough, but oh-so-worthwhile!

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Arnaut Blowing Smoke in His Dog's Nose 1882 | Jean Leon Gerome | Oil Painting
Cat and Still life 1930 | Robert Bereny | oil painting

Cat and Still Life” by Robert Bereny. I suspect this was originally just going to be a still life but an uncooperative cat meant the artist accepted the inevitable and added the feline to the painting!

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Botero’s “Dancing in Columbia” entertains on so many levels. This is a favorite piece and one glance will tell you why. Fun, brilliant, and colorful!

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Dancing in Columbia | Fernando Botero | oil painting


The following are paintings you may find somewhat familiar. They are iconic pieces that often find their way into pop culture, movies, or find themselves repurposed in more modern art (Van Gogh’s smoking skull being one well-known example). We’ve included these not just because they are well-known; rather, they are cool paintings, interesting in their own right, that just happen to be more famous than most.

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa 1823 | Katsushita Hokusai | oil painting

The Great Wave” by Hokusai. Originally a woodblock print this is perhaps the most famous Japanese work of art. If you like this check out his other work too – it’s equally striking.

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Claude Monet will come up more than once in any list of iconic paintings, and if you are looking for wall décor ideas he’s a great place to start. His “Woman with a Parasol” is both atmospheric and a little mysterious.

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The Walk Woman with a Parasol 1875 | Claude Monet | Oil Painting

Vincent van Gogh is another giant that one can’t ignore. We forced ourselves to limit this part of our list to just four entries, but really, there are so many interesting paintings by the great Dutch artist that it’s tough to pick.  For starters, the Almond Blossoms piece is colorful without being overwhelming.

Almond Blossoms 1890 | Vincent Van Gogh | oil painting

Almond Blossoms 1890

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Skull with Burning Cigarette | Vincent Van Gogh | oil painting

Skull with Burning Cigarette

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Cafe Terrace On The Place Du Forum 1888 | Vincent Van Gogh | oil painting

Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum 1888

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Starry Night 1889 | Vincent Van Gogh | oil painting

Starry Night 1889

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Leonetto Cappiello produced a hugely popular series of commercial art for alcoholic beverages. Fun and striking they certainly qualify as cool, and if you want to see more click on the artist’s name at the link to see the rest of his work.

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Bitter Campari | Leonetto Cappiello | oil painting
Girl With A Pearl Earring 1665 | Jan Vermeer | oil painting

Jan Vermeer has fascinated and puzzled people for centuries, and one of his best known paintings (one that inspired the 2003 movie of the same name, no less) is Girl with a Pearl Earring.

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Goodfellas remains one of the most popular gangster movies of all time, and the painting presented by one of the character’s mothers is a favorite of movie fans. The painting was actually painted by the mother of the writer of the book “Wiseguys” that the movie was based on, and was inspired by a photo she had seen in National Geographic.

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Goodfellas | Ocean's Bridge | oil painting
A Sunday On La Grande Jatte 1884-86 | Georges Seurat | oil painting

Georges Seurat was a pioneer of the Pointillism art movement, and this painting of his has been featured in movies (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) and in promo photos for the American TV series “The Office”. A wonderful work of art and painstakingly created by applying dot after dot of oil paint to the canvas, it’s enduring popularity is easy to understand.

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William Bouguereau’s “First Kiss” painting is both sweet and romantic, and one of many iconic works of art by the great American master.

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First Kiss | William Bouguereau | oil painting
Book Mug Pipe and Match | John Frederick Peto | oil painting

A still life that remains a favorite, and one that was commissioned as part of a series by Cigar magazine a few years ago for their feature on pipes and tobacco in art.

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If you want something more personal, why not commission a painting of a family member or even your pet? We can paint in a range of styles to immortalize the subject in oil on canvas. A photo captures a moment in time, but an oil-painted portrait will last for a lifetime and beyond. Painted portraits are no longer for just kings and queens!

Impressionist paintings from photo

We offer a unique service where we take a snapshot and then create an impressionist, thickly textured oil painting based on the original image. Landscapes, pets, snapshots of a special time and place…all can be immortalized as a Van Gogh or Monet style oil painting, making your wall art truly unique. If you want wall décor ideas, look no further than your collection of photos…your art, your inspiration, and on your wall!